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Southwest, Southwestern Rugs in Native American Styles

We are the ultimate destination to buy premium authentic Southwestern rugs and Southwest area rugs online. Every day, we strive to offer new Southwest style products at the lowest prices we can.  Everything in our store is are made for durability and ease of cleaning. Additionally, we choose to only utilize the finest EnduraStran nylon. This means our products are anti-microbial and fire resistant.  Also, our Loc-Bak technology ensures that all of our products lay flat and won’t get bunched on furniture or corners.

All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. We use dyes to get our vibrant and precise colors. Furthermore, our rugs surpass a commercial-grade rating. This means that they are among the most durable flooring products on the market today. They are made to order then undergo a rigorous inspection process. This process ensures that we only send our customers the finest products possible. We are also very happy to announce that since opening our doors, we have sent zero waste to the landfills. We recycle everything. We believe that you can stay competitive in the business landscape without creating waste or outsourcing much-needed manufacturing jobs.

Currently, we offer over one hundred unique rug designs. And we are constantly expanding our product line to better serve our customers. We find inspiration for new designs everywhere. We especially love to pull our colors from the natural landscapes of the American southwest, which is why you find many earth tones complemented by bright red (dirt and clay) and blues (the sky) in many of our designs.

Recent Reviews:

whiskey river turquoise room scene
I ordered the Whiskey River rug in 5 ×8 to use as an area rug on top of a lighter colored wall to wall carpet. I wanted a southwestern type theme rug, but not too busy, and chose this one. I love it!!! It looks just like the pictures online, the colors are beautiful, very vibrant and it seems of high quality. It shipped even sooner than expected. I would definitely recommend this rug and Southwestern Rugs Depot. I am very happy with my new rug!
Traci K.
I’m not someone who normally leaves reviews, but everything about this transaction deserves a good one. Not often do you get such great personal attention from an online company. You’ll be able to connect with the owners. They do what they say and have top quality products for a great price. The rug looks and works fantastic inside the entry door of our mission-inspired home. Thanks!
Norma F.
distressed bow strings brown area rug
Bought an 8×11 and runner for my new home in AZ. The rust and brown colors are perfect with my furniture and decor and I love the distressed look. This company is easy to work with and the return policy is great. Thank you, Southwestern!
Sherrie H.
I am beyond thrilled with my rugs! The colors work perfectly together and gives me that southwest feel I was looking for! The fact that they are made in the USA is the most important to me, but beyond that the quality and workmanship are excellent! I will most definitely be back to purchase more rugs in the future. Thank you SRD for offering an affordable, quality product!
Karen M.

western rug in room scene

Choosing an Area Rug

First off, you need to figure out what area rug shape you’d like to go with. Rectangular area rugs are the most popular, but we also have circular, square, and southwestern runner rugs.  Then you should consider what size you want to go with. If you want a rectangular shape, you can go with a southwest area rug in 5×8, 4×6, 3×4, 8×10 or 11×13.  Remember when you’re picking out the rug size for your space, it typically looks better if all of the furniture is completely on the rug, but you can get away with just making sure that all of the front legs of the furniture are on the rug.  We always recommend measuring your space before ordering.  You can find the exact rug measurements on our product pages so that you can make sure that you’re ordering the perfect size.

When thinking about what pattern to go with, there are a few things to consider. First off, you need to find a design that really catches your eye. Then look to see if there are different colors to choose from. If there are, then you should go with the color that more closely matches the interior design and decor of your home.  If you can find the colors in your home are also in one of the pattern colors of the rug then that is most likely the better fit.  You can also try visualizing the rug in the space or maybe even print out a photo and hold it out in front of you.  If that doesn’t work, and you’d like our input, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to help if you’re stuck and can’t make up your mind. Whatever rug you choose, you can shop with confidence because we know how different an experience it can sometimes be to see a rug online and see a rug in your home so we are proud to offer a 60-day in-home trial. If you don’t love the rug, you can send it back to us, within the first 60 days, for a full refund. No questions asked. That’s the most generous return policy from online stores like ours that we know of, as of today.

Our Partners

We’re really grateful to be able to be able to partner with other like-minded and ethical brands and designers. Brands like American Dakota, the small rug shop located in Northwest Georgia. We only carry products from brands and designers that match up with our company’s core values and style. Brands that care about the working conditions of the plants that make up every single material that goes into our Southwest and western rugs. Brands that care about the style, art, culture, and history of the American Southwest. Brands that are cognizant and respectful of the plight of the Native American people in our country, the people whose culture so heavily influences the style of the rugs we offer today. And most importantly, brands that never put business above customer service.  We love our customers and are so grateful for the privilege that they afford us to pursue our passions and do the work that we love every single day and we only work with other brands that feel the same.

southwest runner rug

Southwest, Native American, and Navajo Style

Southwestern style is a hard aesthetic to pin down specifically. It is heavily influenced by Native American or Navajo style, but it is still its own unique thing, heavily influenced by many tribes and civilizations, but also by our modern society.  Southwest style is typically characterized by rocky textures, earth tones, hand-crafted objects, and brightly colored fabric.

This style was often the result of the resourcefulness of its originators (civilizations such as the Aztecs, the Navajo, and various Native American tribes) hence the name Aztec rugs. They made almost everything by hand and this leads to a level of detail and pride in the work that is, unfortunately, lacking in our modern, mass-produced society.  Even though we aren’t making our rugs by hand, we still strive to showcase that same level of detail and pride in our work. The fact that we are not making our rugs by hand is, however, a real positive for most of our customers. It means we can bring this style to our customers at a significantly more affordable price point and a much quicker turn-around time. In traditional Navajo weaving, it did take the average weaver anywhere from 2 months to many years to finish a single rug after all.

Today, what’s known southwestern rugs are heavily influenced by the style of the rugs and blankets that Native American tribes started creating hundreds of years ago. These textiles, at first, served a purely utilitarian purpose. They would line their homes with rugs to help keep warm during the winter and their blankets would be used as cloaks, dresses, saddles blankets, etc. However, when settlers and tourists began visiting these tribes in the mid to late 19th century, the tourists became very interested in their rugs and blankets. Soon, these textiles started to become a highly prized trade item, which meant the production and export of these rugs began to provide a real boost to the tribes’ economies. The demand for Native American woven textiles only increased until it quickly became the most profitable industry for many Native American tribes. This was especially true when railroad lines spread into much of the Southwest, meaning these tribes could begin to trade with almost all of North America. This meant that their customer base interested in their rugs and blankets quickly exploded. They soon had to switch from doing everything by hand to implementing more and more machines into their process to keep up with demand. That has only continued to be the case today – as almost all Southwestern rugs are made entirely by hand today. However, there are some Native Americans who keep the tradition of hand weaving alive, but they often learn the skill at college as kind of history lesson – as opposed to the sacred family tradition that it used to be.

The specific colors of southwest style are very important in both recognizing it and staying authentic to the design. A traditional palette consists of adobe red, cactus green, and desert-toned neutral hues. Splices of dusty orange, bright yellow, and turquoise are also indicative. Prior to the 19th century, the palette consisted of natural colors like brown and white, but also indigo when the tribes first began trading for indigo dyes. They then started to include reds, black, green, yellow, and gray into the palette, while obtaining different shades of blue by mixing the turquoise dyes with these newer colors they obtained. The tribes even got around to including black by grinding up leaves and mixing them with campfire ashes. After the railroads opened up the tribes’ trade channels, they were able to obtain the dyes for all of the bright colors that make up today’s classic Southwestern pattern textile look.

Defining Southwest Style in Area Rug Designs

If you’re relatively new to the world of southwest interior design then you make not be completely sure on the elements within this interior design style. Southwest style typically refers to a specific time in American history. A time in history when the obvious career choice for the most adventurous was to explore the “Wild West”, to grab your saddle, hop on on your horse and aim for the open range. It was a time of cowboys and outlaws. I’m sure you’ve seen a few John Wayne movies and can think of the images. It’s made up of earth tones, sheriff stars, cowboys, cowboy boots, horses, cowhides, buffalo, campfires, etc. I imagine you get the picture.

Although this is usually what people first think of, southwest style is not so limited. Southwest style is about the colors, patterns, story, history, and feeling.  It’s the result of hundreds of years of art, culture, and design coming together to lead to the making of a rug. There’s not many other home design styles that have so much depth and culture packed into the designs. Hopefully, you’ll come to love and appreicate the culture and, of course, area rugs of the Southwest as much as we do.

If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to us on our contact page. We love to chat with our customers! Also, be sure to check out our Native American style and Southwestern area rugs on our shop page.

Commitment to Quality

If you purchase a rug from us then you gain the benefits of EnduraStran nylon. That means that your rug will include the highest durability rating available (the same rating that airport carpet receives), which is significantly higher than other rug brands you might come across, which are simply rated for household use. EnduraStran nylon is also wear-resistant and very simple to clean. Furthermore, our products feature Loc-Bak technology that ensures our rugs lay flat, not to get bunched on the corners of furniture. All of our rugs include reinforced, interlocked, polymer-coated polypropylene backing for even further support. This backing means that our products have dimensional support; they will maintain their size and shape without pulling apart. Our backing is slip resistant and soft on flooring so no rug pad is necessary.

Nylon is the strongest yarn available. Rock climbers even trust their lives to nylon ropes. Other popular yarns will typically begin to wear down over time. It’s difficult to find products that are built to outlive you these days, but that is the likely scenario when looking at rugs made with EnduraStran nylon. Not only that, but our products have two soil lifting properties and self-cleaning agents added in the production, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Not to mention, all of our products feature a washable backing. Furthermore, in production, we add carbon to reduce static electricity eliminating static shock, which will last the life of your rug.

In everything we do, we uphold the highest standards of construction, testing, and treatment ensuring that our products are flawless before they leave the factory floor. That often means that there will be competitors that undercut us on pricing, but we feel that avoiding the problems that arise from investing in cheap, low-quality rugs (shedding, unraveling, crushing, basically just falling apart, etc.) is worth the investment. You know that you are purchasing from among the highest quality rugs available today. Rugs created with care and precision in an ethical, USA-based factory – not a rug shipped over from some sweatshop that will barely last you the year before it starts breaking down.

Our products are also treated to prevent fading, antimicrobial (guards against mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria), stain resistant, and fire resistant (cigarettes and fireplace embers, for example). If you purchase any of our southwest rugs, you can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing one of the highest quality products on the market that is ethically and responsibly produced right here in the USA.