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5×8 Southwestern Rugs


There are a whole bunch of situations where 5×8 Southwestern rugs really shine. They hold the middle ground when it comes to size, as they’re not overwhelmingly massive to become unusable in compact spaces, and at the same time, large enough to cover enough of your typical sized living spaces.

We have a versatile collection that spans a range of different styles. Whether you’re looking for striking, vibrant colors or cozy, subtle tones, you’ll find just the right pick that suits your house from our wide collection, and we hope our featured rugs above have stirred you in the right direction already.

Now it’s time to help you make the most of your brand new 5×8 Southwest area rugs! If you’re planning to do a makeover to your open plan living space or want a new fresh look for your bedroom, the Southwestern rugs are definitely the way to go.

Where to Place Southwest 5×8 Area Rugs

Living Room

The 5×8 area rug size represents the typical area of rug dimensions. Depending on your room size, furniture placement, and proximity to the walls, the 5×8 size can serve many different purposes.

When it comes to the living area, you always want to make sure your space feels spacious and inviting. You might be surprised to know something as simple as just choosing the right rug and placing it in harmony with your existing furniture can completely transform the feel of your living room.

An area rug, as its name implies, serves to define your sitting area. You can choose a rug size that extends for a couple of inches beyond your sofa and chairs, or go for a smaller size that doesn’t go under the furniture itself. Instead, it becomes the centerpiece around which your living room converges.

If you prefer the latter choice, a 5×8 Southwestern rug should fit perfectly in most cases. Make sure you pick the accents that complement your existing room ambiance, so everything feels like one cohesive unit that is easy on the eye.


When getting out of your bed in the morning, you want your feet to be greeted by a soft, cushioning rug when touching the floor. There is no one right way to design your bedroom’s rugs’ placement, but we’re here to focus on the 5×8 size.

If placed perpendicularly, the 5×8 southwestern rugs can fit under your bed and extend in front of the nightstands on both sides. This can be an excellent choice for people who don’t want to use multiple smaller rugs.

Final Thoughts

The open plan design of living areas is great as it gives you the utmost space utilization. You can have your sitting area, kitchen, and dining room all flowing as one unit without any partitions. This way, you get a more roomy area that acts as a social hub where your whole family can come together.

The wide adoption of such internal design language made area rugs more relevant than ever.

You want to set order over your space, so even if there aren’t any walls to separate different rooms, there are enough visual cues in the form of our southwestern rugs to ease you into defining the borders of every individual area.

This can also extend to rooms. For example, if you want to set a reading corner in your bedroom, you can use one of our Southwest 5×8 area rugs to set such an area apart from the rest of the room. Make sure you maintain the same color palette so you still get a sense of a unified design.

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