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Considering An 8 ft Round Rugs

All of our round rugs ship free, are made in the USA and received the highest possible durability rating. All of our 8′ round rugs also include a free 60-day in-home trial, are stain-resistant, designed to lay flat, treated to prevent colors from fading, fire-resistant, anti-microbial, and made with premium nylon fibers.

Thanks for stopping in to browse our all of 8ft round area rugs. We are proud to carry many different designs and we hope you find something you absolutely love. All of our 8′ round rugs are actually 7ft 7in across so not exactly 8 feet across in diameter. Anyway, we hope you spend a little time on our site and find a rug you absolutely love.

All of our area rugs feature a lay flat design that means they won’t get bunched up on corners or cause a trip hazard in your home. Our round rugs are also made with premium EnduraStran nylon, which means that our rugs are super easy to clean. If you ever spill anything on one of our rugs, rest assured, they are stain-resistant so all you have to do apply some warm water and you can simply wipe the stain off. It’s actually rather incredible to see. We wouldn’t blame you if you were tempted to spill something on the rug yourself just to see it the technology in action. We’ve certainly done it a few times ourselves, showing off the rugs.

Also, our rugs are all mold and fire-resistant. You don’t have to worry about embers from the fireplace or the rugs getting a little wet. That may not sound too dramatic, but if you’ve smelled a moldy rug, you may disagree. We’re also very happy to announce that, since we’ve opened, we have sent zero waste to the landfill from the creation of our 8 foot round area rugs. We try to take our role in the world and our role in the environment very seriously. We believe in doing the right thing even if that means sacrificing a bit of profit in the process.

Round area rugs can be a little tricky when thinking about if they are the right size for your space. I find that round rugs work great under tables and in entryways. Also, if you have a bit of open space in your living room or sitting room then a round rug can add a bit of flair and fun to the space. Round rugs are a bit unconventional, but I think that just makes them stand out all the more and highlight the decor in your home.

If you’re trying to think about what colors you want in your area rug design, I think you start by looking at what colors are already common in your interior design. You can then build off of the common colors and find a rug with matching colors. Or if you just want to shoot for colors that are complementary to the colors already in the room. However, if you’re starting fresh, I always recommend starting with the rugs because I think finding a rug design you love is the hardest part. You can then build out the rest of your interior design from design and colors in your round rug.

Round Southwestern Rugs

Round Southwestern rugs are a welcome departure from the rectangular, sharp-bordered rugs that we see everywhere. The round shape conveys the illusion of having more spacious areas, making it the ideal choice for spaces like in the middle of a foyer, dining room, children’s rooms, and office nooks.

Furthermore, you can use a smaller round rug on top of a rectangular area rug. You might ask, why would I want to do that? The answer is pretty simple! A round rug with just the right accents can make your space pop.

This can be just what you’re looking for if you want to divide larger, open spaces into specific, easily identifiable areas.

Though Southwest area rugs provide a new, fresh way to decorate your house, they can be a bit tricky to integrate into your space if you don’t know where to start. We have some extra ideas in store for you that will surely make you on top of your interior home decorating game.

Where to Place 8ft Round Southwestern Area Rugs

Dining Room

If you have a rounded table at the center of your dining room, a rug with the same shape will make perfect sense. When settling on the right size, you need to consider the extra space that the chairs can occupy when pulled away from the table. You don’t want to end up with your chairs sitting halfway on the rug and the floor beneath.

For an eye-pleasing setup, make sure your round rug is away from the walls. You want your rug to look as if it’s floating in space and carrying your dining table with it. If any part of the circle’s perimeter touches a wall, the illusion is instantly broken, and your room will look asymmetrical.


An 8ft round Southwestern rug in your entryway adds a welcoming design, especially if you pick a fitting color pattern with predominantly warmer tones. You can slap in a small table and a chair where you can place your keys and bag.

The round rug is the secret glue that defines such a setup and makes it work out. Subconsciously, you’ll know it’s time to reach to put or take your keys out of their rack once you step on your entryway round rug.


A round rug can be a great option to consider when setting up a corner in your bedroom or your kids’ room. For example, a reading corner with its own bookshelf and comfy chair can all be outlined by a round Southwestern rug that creates a sense of intimacy and harmony.

Remember, you don’t want your round rug to ever touch a wall. So, make it the centerpiece with all the other furniture arranged around it and at least touching part of its perimeter.

Furthermore, if you want to ensure your kids leave their room organized after playing, you can set a dedicated playing area with a vibrant round Southwest area rug. Now, toys live only in this area, and they shouldn’t become dispersed all over the room.

Final Thoughts

We hope our ideas have set you on the right path to explore more ways to integrate round rugs in your house. They fit perfectly in roomy bathrooms, your breakfast nook, in addition to being a way to accentuate curved furniture. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and we’ve only addressed the tip of the iceberg.

Now that you know the do and don’ts of decorating with round Southwestern rugs, we’re excited for you to start experimenting and seeing what works best for your particular space.

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