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Hi! I’m Connor Butterworth and I run Southwestern Rugs Depot. I grew up and ship all of our rugs out of the Dalton, GA area. Dalton is a small town in northwest Georgia that doesn’t have too much going on – except for the bustling carpet industry. Dalton is actually the carpet capital of the world, believe it or not, with more than 90% of the carpet produced in the world coming out of this area.

Anyway, I never really anticipated getting into the rug industry.  I actually went to school to study filmmaking haha.  However, when I was in high school I started working with the owner of American Dakota (rug design company) as he was first starting his company.  At American Dakota, I got to flex my creative muscles designing rugs and improving their online presence, while also learning about the rug industry and what it takes to run a company.

I continued working with American Dakota as I went to college, but I soon realized that there was a real gap in the market and I should just start my own company to take advantage of that.  There are a lot successful online rug companies out there today, but there a few common problems that I saw constantly popping up.  Namely, they often carry so many brands that it is very difficult to know what kind of quality you’re going to get.  Sometimes, it’ll be an extremely high-quality rug made in the US, but other times, you’ll get a rug shipped from overseas that is of significantly worse quality and won’t last half as long.  Also, I noticed that the customer support is often not very knowledgeable about rugs, how they’re made, and where they come from.  Furthermore, those other companies are often so large that they typically can’t offer the same amount of discounts as a smaller company because they have a large corporate machine to support.

So that’s why I decided to open Southwestern Rugs Depot; to utilize my existing rug industry connections to offer significantly higher discounts, run the customer support myself, and only ship rugs that are made in the US and of the highest quality. Since opening Southwestern Rugs Depot, customers seem to really be responding well. We’ve been experiencing month over month growth as customers share our company with their friends and family. We get countless messages almost every day thanking us for the personalized customer service and that really does make all the work we put into this business worth it, knowing that our work is appreciated by our customers. And possibly the most flattering part of all is the high amount of repeat customers we get. When first starting out, I never anticipated we would have that many repeat customers. I thought someone buys a rug or a few for their home and they’re done, but we’ve had a lot of people come back to us over and over again. I’ve had many conversations where customers tell me they were so impressed with their rug that they’ve ordered more as gifts or they’re replacing all of the rugs in their home with our rugs. That means so much to us that customers were happy enough to come back and buy from us again and again and we will try our best to maintain this level of service where people come back to us because that must hopefully mean we’re doing something right.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you don’t mind us tooting our own horn a bit. We’re usually a lot more modest. If you’d like to chat with me, you can use the live chat in the bottom right.  I’m usually able to respond to your message in a minute or two. Or you can get in touch with me here. I’m always happy to chat with customers. Thanks for stopping by!

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