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How We Came to Offer The Highest Quality Southwestern Area Rugs on The Market


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The Ultimate Destination for Southwestern Area Rugs

Southwestern Rugs Depot rugs are proudly crafted in the USA. Our rugs are certified CRI Green Label Plus, which means that our rugs give off the lowest possible level of chemical emissions. We are also proud to announce that, since 1999, we have sent zero waste to landfills. Southwestern Rugs Depot is nestled in the heart of the southwest, drawing much inspiration for design and colors from our natural surroundings. All of our southwestern area rugs include premium EnduraStran nylons fibers. That means that our rugs will buy metformin no prescription keep their color, shed dirt easily, resist stains, and clean easily with warm water.


Our rugs are also treated with antimicrobial agents and utilize Loc-Bak technology to ensure that our rugs lie flat. They are also fire resistant. Our rugs also pass a commercial-grade durability test, which means they are among the most durable rugs on the market.

We started this with the hope of spreading of love for southwestern style with others. We strive to offer the highest quality southwestern area rugs, at the lowest price possible. Go here to learn more about Southwestern Rugs Depot.

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