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3×4 Southwestern Rugs

The great thing about southwestern rugs is that they fit seamlessly in different settings. With their wide variety of styles, you can land on just the right area rug that brings the decorative splendor you’re envisioning for your indoor spaces.
Southwestern rugs celebrate a rich, diverse history with themes from all over the world. Their color accents can be as subtle and stealthy or as striking and standing out as you want them to be.

It’s also worth noting that our collection brings in top-notch designers that really explore the depths of their creativity with our bold designs. Seeing how each of them brings a fresh new take on such a traditional rug design is part of the fun of browsing through our versatile collection. We featured some of our best 3×4 southwestern rugs for you to choose from, and we believe it’d be a fitting wrap up to give you some insights about how to make the most of such rug size. Let’s dive into some of the ways you can up your decoration game using our vibrant 3×4 rugs.

Where to Place a Southwestern 3x4ft Rug

Adding an Artistic Touch to Your Walls
Do you have plenty of bland walls that can benefit from a makeover? Our southwestern 3×4 rugs are just the right size that makes them the perfect wall hangings. They’ll add value to your empty walls with their cozy, inviting designs, making them perfect for guest rooms.

Furthermore, if you’ve invested in a wood floor that you don’t want to just hide behind a massive carpet, wall hangings will make sense in your situation. Aside from their decorative role, they also create ambiance thanks to their sound-absorbing capabilities. So, if you’ve been considering a new look for your home theatre, our 3×4 rugs will make your watching experience even more enjoyable by preventing sound echoing.

Connecting Spaces

When planning your bigger carpets’ placement, you might have faced the problem of having empty spaces in the middle that break the harmony of your internal design. We’ve got just the perfect solution for you with our compact 3×4 Southwestern area rugs. 

Make sure you pick the right color accents that accentuate the hues of the two spaces you’re connecting. Nevertheless, there’s also room to go for some over the top designs that create a striking contrast to make your whole setup pop even more.

Compact Space? No Problem

Making your bathroom feel cozy might be a greater priority than you might have, though! Decorating your bathroom ensures you start your day on a high, energetic note, as you’re greeted by eye-catching, positive vibes while getting to your morning shower.
That said, the 3×4 southwestern rugs are a nice addition to such compact spaces. Placing the rugs under the sink or just next to the bathtub will also ensure your floor remains dry and clean.

Final Considerations

Now that you know which spaces can make the most of our 3×4 Southwestern rugs, there are some last-minute considerations to keep in mind before finalizing your order. First of all, you need to double-check the dimensions of your space to ensure that the rug fits seamlessly.

You also need to consider which materials work best for your usage scenario. For instance, cotton absorbs water readily and is easier to clean, so it’ll make an excellent bathroom rug. On the other hand, silk is lavish and luxurious looking but requires professional dry cleaning. Finally, durability is another key factor when picking one rug over another. Hanging rugs are a whole different story than those placed under a table or a bunch of chairs. The latter should be durable enough to not quickly develop any disfiguring imprints, so here come our rugs with their insulating capabilities and durable build quality.

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