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4×6 Area Rugs

Southwestern rugs are inspired by the rich Native American culture with their distinctive patterns and vibrant colors. They strike just the right balance between traditional and modern designs, making them a natural fit no matter which route you followed for your home’s interior design.

Since Southwest rugs are versatile enough to warrant their usage as an artistic tapestry, area rugs, or accent rugs you see in a foyer, you need to carefully measure your free space where you’re planning to place them in order to avoid the frustration of ordering the wrong size.

Let’s help you explore how Southwest area rugs in size 4x6ft can add fresh, inviting vibes to your house when added to your home decor. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into where a 4×6 area rug should feel right at home.

Where to Place 4×6 Southwestern Rugs


You can always pick one large rug that extends under your whole bed and nightstands, but the downside to this approach is that you don’t have much room for customization. Instead, you should opt for a couple of smaller rugs that blend nicely with one another and allow you to get different designs for different parts of the room.

For example, a 4×6 accent Southwest rug can fit perfectly in front of your nightstands on either side. Add another bigger rug in front of your bed, and you’ve got yourself a full setup. When choosing your accent rug, make sure it’s soft and cozy, as this is the first thing that your feet will be touching when getting out of bed every morning.

Bathroom and Kitchen

As their name implies, accent rugs are meant to add design “accents” to your rooms, such as eye-catching colors and pleasing patterns or unique textures like animal hide or wool. The goal here isn’t to cover expansive areas; all that matters is the design finesse.

That said, Southwestern rugs in a 4×6 size makes them the perfect accent rug to add to your bathroom, kitchen, or in front of your rooms.

If your bathroom has cooler tones, it can benefit from a vibrant rug sitting under the sink to complement the background subtle color choice.

Needless to say that having a rug under your bathroom or kitchen sink serves another purpose beyond just the looks. Your Southwestern rug ensures your floor remains dry, so no family members or roommates run into any accidental falls from stepping on a slippery floor. 

4×6 Southwest Area Rugs Don’ts

When designing your sitting area, an accent rug won’t serve you justice. You don’t want the 4×6 southwestern rug to appear as if it’s just a raft floating on an expansive ocean. With much floor exposed, your sitting area actually appears narrower and more confined than it actually is.

Another drawback to such an approach is that, whether you like it or not, your accent rug will highlight only the piece of furniture sitting on top of it. In most cases, this will be your small living room table. 

So, you’ll be stealing the thunder of your other pieces worthy of a proper showcase like the sofa, chairs, and side tables holding extra decorative elements such as vases. So you should opt for a larger size rug if you’re working a larger space.

Finally, never go for bland colors when picking a Southwest accent rug. Your 4×6 area rugs can easily fade in the background, especially if you’re placing it as a connecting rug in a larger area. Go for vibrant, cozy colors that add a different ambiance to your setup and make it stand out even more.

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