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Style your home with a rustic, western rug from Southwestern Rugs Depot.

8-foot round brown area rugs

High-Quality Craftsmanship

At Southwestern Rugs Depot, we care about craftsmanship. That is why we use high-quality materials like EnduraStran Nylon to create hardy, charming western rugs and Southwest rugs for our customers to enjoy. When you choose us, you can trust that you are choosing quality.

Made In The USA

Support a business and people close to home. Our items are made in the United States of America.

Ethically Made

We believe in doing what’s right. Our workers are compensated fairly and work out of safe and well-maintained warehouses.


Our company maintains strict environmentally-friendly procedures to ensure we do not contribute waste to landfills.

Classic Western Decor

Our southwestern rugs bring together the beauty of the American Southwest and the rugged charm of the cowboy. It is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort, style and durability.

A Rustic Look & Brand New Quality

Western decor is all about the rugged, worn-in appearance. Our products look distressed and rustic but have brand new quality. Every rug feels soft, durable, and like it will last you a lifetime.

Bring The West Inside

Our rug collection features the color pallets and patterns found in the American Southwest landscape. Every floor rug is an ode to the natural beauty of the country.

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How to Choose the Perfect Western Rug for Your Home

What Are the Different Types of Western Rugs?

There are three types of western rugs “sale,” “hand-knotted,” and “Soumak.” The most common type of rug is the “sale” type, which has a wide range in price and variety. Other types of rugs include the more expensive “hand-knotted” type, typically more detailed and durable; and the less expensive “Soumak” type, which typically comes from Turkey or Iran or is made in the USA. Finally, there is the Oriental carpet, which comes from the country of either China or India.

There are many styles of rugs that are often correlated with this type of interior design. You may find that you are actually in the market for a Southwest rug, a tribal rug, a cowhide rug, a rustic cabin rug, cowboy rugs, or handwoven Native American floor coverings. Southwest rugs, for example, pair very well.

What Are the Benefits of A Western Rug?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a western rug for your home. For starters, they can help you sleep better at night. Additionally, rugs and runners can also be good for your air quality and make it easier to clean up spills thanks to their easy-to-clean fiber content.

But that’s not all! Area rugs also come with a number of design benefits. They can create a sense of coziness in any room, making them the perfect addition as an accent rug or accent rugs to a home office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, or bedroom. Plus, they’re sure to add some personality to your space!

How Do You Choose the Perfect Western Rug for Your Home?

When you’re looking for a new rug for your home, it’s important to consider all of your options. There are so many different items and designs to sort and page through, it can be hard to decide on just one. But don’t worry, we’re here to help and look forward to helping you set up an account with our company today so that we can guide you through checkout and get started on your orders! I’m sure you’ll find the customer service and results from our store second to none considering the quality of the item in our shop / site and the ideas you’ll find browsing our home decor and floor accessories company. Especially considering the details in the cowhide area rug, faux cowhide rug, cow print area rug, animal patterns, Indian designs prevalent in the fabric, and weave of today’s colorful or geometric or abstract or bohemian, or tribal interior decoration and area rugs.

The American Dakota National Park Pine Mountain Green Area Rug is a new addition and a great option for any room in your home. With its dazzling medallion design and ornate bordering, it will be sure to add some elegance and style to the space. It also works well when combined with a cowhide rug or western towels, blankets, pillows, chandeliers, candle holders, or other types of adobe or Aztec furniture.

If you’re looking for something a little more global-inspired, the Safavieh Leather Shag Lsg511k Brown Area Rug is perfect. It also comes in a round or turquoise runner. This style pairs well with vintage black and white decor and western stars or lone star patterns. With its compelling designs and graceful elegance, it will add sophistication and charm to any room.

Another great option is the Cheyenne Rug by American Dakota. This rug is perfect as a staple piece in any room; with its natural colors and simple design, it will complement any existing decor perfectly.

Finally, the Beige Star Rug by American Dakota is another great choice for anyone looking for a natural vibe in their home décor. Made of 100% wool fiber, this rug will bring warmth and comfort to any space.

What Are the Different Sizes of Western Rugs?

There are 12 different sizes of western rugs. The smallest size is 4ft x 3ft and the largest size is 16ft x 15ft. There are five different sizes in the Austin Onyx Rug Collection, four different sizes in the Texas Road Shitake Rug Collection, and five different sizes in the Texas Road Auburn Rug Collection. We also carry western rugs runners, large western rugs, round western rugs, rectangular western rugs, and small western rugs.

What Are the Different Colors of Western Rugs?

When it comes to western rugs, there are many different colors to choose from. Each color has a different meaning and can be used to represent your home in a unique way.

You will find we have many colors to choose from on our site, including blue, teal, pink, or a cabin turquoise.

The Rug Shop offers thirteen different colors of western rugs, each with its own special meaning. Whether you’re looking for a traditional red rug or something more modern like green, we have the perfect option for you.

Our Austin Onyx and Texas Road Shitake rugs come in five sizes each, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. With such a wide variety of colors and sizes available, The Rug Shop is sure to have the perfect western rug for your needs.

What Are the Different Patterns of Western Rugs?

There are many different patterns of western rugs to choose from. Some of the most popular include:

-Solid colors: These rugs are a great choice if you want a simple, classic look. They come in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

-Banded designs: These rugs have multiple bands of color running through them, giving them a more vibrant look.

-Paisley designs: Paisley is a classic print that never goes out of style. If you’re looking for something timeless, go with a paisley rug.

-Floral designs: Floral prints are always popular, and they look great in any room of the house.

You may find that you are looking for cheap western rugs with brands, such as texas star, with horses, western-themed, or western star rugs.

Western decor rugs work great as a runner rug, a outdoor rug, kitchen rugs, and bath or bathroom rugs. They pair great with shower curtains in a bathroom setting. We also carry vintage western rugs and western round rugs. Our rugs work well as a mat and also have free delivery to Canada in a few business days.

We employ various technologies to ensure that our original price on all products is competitive and affordable for anyone.

What Are the Different Textures of Western Rugs?

There are three main textures for rugs: natural, synthetic, and woven. Natural fibers include materials such as wool, cotton, or jute. Synthetic fibers are man-made and include polyester, acrylic, and nylon. Woven fabrics are created by intertwining two or more yarns in a specific pattern.

Each texture has its own unique look that can be complementary to different styles of rooms. For example, a shaggy rug would be perfect for a rustic cabin while a plush rug would be ideal for a contemporary loft space. Keep in mind the colors of your room when selecting the right texture for your western rug!

How Do You Care for A Western Rug?

As someone who is looking to purchase a new rug for their home, there are many questions that are weighing on your mind but one of the best and also most important concerns is figuring out what type of rug is the best for your needs. When investing in a new rug, it is important to be aware of what kind of color and material will work best for your home.

What Are the Different Prices of Western Rugs?

There are a variety of different prices for western rugs, depending on the size, color, and design of the rug. Generally, western rugs are very affordable and can be found in a variety of colors and designs.

Western Rugs Wholesale, Western Distributors Rugs

For example, Austin Onyx is a darker, more rustic rug with the colors brown and beige. Texas Road Shitake is a lighter rug with the colors gray, green, rust, tan, chestnut, gold, chocolate, sand, sierra, and yellow. Both of these rugs are designed for a rustic look and would be perfect for your cabin or ranch home! Some of our most popular designs are Horse Thieves, Storm Catcher, Spirit of Santa Fe, Pioneer Longhorn, Razzle Forester, El Paso, Whiskey River, Earth Rhythms, Western Star Cowboy Rug, Big Chief, Rustic Cross, and Persian Version Saddle Blanket. You can sort by a-z alphabetically or z-a price and filter in the menu if it helps you find them.

Western Area Rugs, Western Rugs 8×10, Western Rugs 9×12, Western Area Rugs 8×10

Generally speaking, Western area rugs range in price from $99 to $599. However, some special edition rugs can be priced over $1,000. Additionally, sale prices may vary day-to-day; so it’s always best to check back frequently to see if there are any new arrivals that suit your style and budget! Our store ships from the USA unlike some other brands or sellers you could order from that offer western decor.

Where Can You Buy a Western Rug?

At rug smart, we sell a variety of rugs that are perfect products for your home. Our rugs are made to be durable and affordable, and we offer a 60-day no-question return policy starting from the time when you receive your rug. most of our rugs are crafted in the USA, and our material is made of 100% cotton and will last for years without fading or staining. You can find a western rug in the medicine lodge area rug, gilded star rug collection, and san Carlos brown area rug. The yucca valley thunder area rug is also on sale for $96.95, $19.99, $299.00, $45.00, $ 124.95, $44.99, $84.99, $25, $124.95, $0.00, $200.00, $100, $16.99, $39.95. all of these rugs are on sale with free shipping for a limited time so get in quick! We accept gift cards, a coupon, Visa, gift registry, Venmo, Paypal, Shopify pay, Mastercard, and Diners Club. Also, did you hear about us from an Instagram ad or find our links from any deals sites? We’ll love to hear about it.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that shopping for a rug online can be challenging. You do not know if you will be satisfied with your choice until your rug arrives and is laid out in your space. That is why we have instituted a 60-day return policy. If you are not happy with your purchase, your rug can be returned or exchanged within 60-days of purchase. No questions asked.

Kick Off Your Boots On A Western Rug

The entry is the most important part of your home. It is the first room you enter after coming home from a long day of work. The entryway also gives guests the first impression of your house. A beautiful western rug will be a charming place to kick off your shoes.

Rise & Shine With Western Rugs

Make the mornings a bit easier. A rug will be a soft, warm place to step onto when you first get out of bed in the morning. It will make your bedroom a cozy place to be, especially when you choose a rug that matches your bedding.

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