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Many of us leave professional cleaning for our carpets and area rugs until it is almost too late; the time for arranging for experts to deal with rug cleaning is before the rugs get too dirty. One of the main reasons for this is that there are serious health implications with neglected rugs.

The professional carpet cleaning company usually has knowledgeable, trained, and qualified experts who can customize a maintenance program just for you. Rugs, when taken care of properly, have a much longer lifespan, as well as saves money that would go into replacing the rug. Not to mention, you get to enjoy a clean and tidy home.

Some of the top reasons for properly cleaning and maintaining your rugs all year round are:
1. To enhance the lifespan of your rugs.
Regular rug cleaning and maintenance prevent damage caused by the dust and grime particles to the fibers while also protects the money you put into your floor covering.

2. Indoor air quality is free of allergens.
Unclean carpets harbor airborne pollutants like dust particles and moisture making your room stuffy, smelly and triggering breathing problems, as well as skin and eye irritations.

3. Regular cleaning makes maintenance of rugs easier.
Maintaining your rugs prevents any sort of soiling or shedding from taking place.

4. To eliminate spots and stains.
Spots and stains easily exert a pull on further soiling. Removing the spots and stains in time protects it from getting dirty.

5. To prevent the spread of allergens and bacteria.
Dust in carpets tends to attract moisture, which causes the buildup of some harmful pollutants. If untreated, this bacteria might lead to future illness.

6. To improve the overall appearance of the room.
Clean looking and clean smelling rugs leaves the room looking and smelling much better.

7. Dust mites and bedbugs are not able to live in cleaned rugs.

8. Some companies have warranties that only apply if you regularly clean your rugs or carpets (usually at least once a year).

Vacuum cleaning is an essential thing to do if you want to keep your rug up to tip-top shape. Regular vacuuming prolongs the lifespan of your rugs, contrary to the belief by many people might have that it somehow decreases its lifespan. Frequent vacuum cleaning removes embedded dust and grime which cause friction that is responsible for breaking down the fibers in your rug and losing their color and sheen. Keep your rugs clean by vacuuming it at least once or twice a week.

However, vacuuming your rugs at home is not enough. It is advisable also to get them cleaned by professions at least once a year.

Clean rugs mean clean a house or office, which in turn help you to stay happy and healthy. A scheduled cleaning for your rug, especially in the high traffic areas, guarantees a tremendous looking rug for the life of your rug.

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