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Why the & in Rustic Decor

The & is common in rustic decor, so putting it in your design scheme can bring out its unique charm. This style is typically based on layering, and to achieve this look, you should choose one accessory at a time and add it to your room in a way that speaks to your personal style. Some ways to do this include incorporating heirloom pieces, photos, and memorabilia gathered during travels. Other clever ways to add a personal touch are adding funky additions to your decor.

Natural color palette

The color scheme in rustic decor is often based on nature’s colors. Earth tones like sage and khaki are commonly used in nature-inspired designs. They are ideal for bringing a peaceful, natural feel into your home. You can also incorporate darker browns and reds into your room to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. For example, a maroon wool-stitched throw or pillow can give the room the cozy feeling of late summer bonfires.

Textured fabrics

If you’re decorating your home in the rustic style, you’re likely already aware of the importance of textured fabrics. Rustic decor is often associated with rough, interesting textures, which emphasize the organic quality of building materials. Rustic decor often includes many layers of textures in the home, from rugs to pillows to wall coverings. Here are some tips to incorporate textured fabrics into your rustic decor. Let’s get started!

Weathered wood

A classic, weathered look for wood furniture is achieved by hand-sanding it. You can then use three to four coats of paint to add a unique look to the furniture. Choose a color to complement the wood’s natural character, and be sure to use white for better contrast. Paint sparingly and on top of each other, not in layers. This method of color-blending will give the piece a more authentic weathered appearance. The furniture should dry overnight after painting.

Vintage signs

When choosing vintage signs for your home, consider their age. Some vintage signs can be centuries old and will add an element of character to your room. The popularity of vintage items can vary from person to person, but they all have one thing in common: they bring a feeling of nostalgia. They often appeal to the nostalgic side of our natures and can help to set the tone for the rest of the room. The appeal of vintage decor can also be based on a brand or company, or simply a current trend in home decor.

Leather furniture

Rustic elegance is a timeless style that works well with leather furniture. Leather lends a classic, rustic look to any room, and it can add character and comfort to any room. Leather is a natural material, and its warmth and texture lend themselves to rustic decor. You can use distressed leather to create a country look, or opt for a more refined look with a distressed finish. Leather furniture is also an excellent choice for aging.

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