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Why So Many Furniture Stores on Western Avenue?

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many furniture stores on western Avenue, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve been to a department store or a boutique, you’re probably familiar with World Market, Restoration Hardware, or Vandenberg Furniture. But why is it important to visit all four of these stores? This article will shed light on this question. Read on to learn the answers. Hopefully, you’ll feel better about your choices after reading this article.


In theory, Wayfair is a massive website that sells household goods. Instead of manufacturing its own products, the site buys them from 11,000 suppliers and ships them directly to consumers. This is called the drop ship model. It makes it easier to find a specific product you’re looking for and to get it delivered to your home. The website is a major competitor of Amazon, but Wayfair does have an advantage. It has a very wide selection and its price matches the cost of traditional furniture stores.

This competitive advantage of Wayfair has led some to question the company’s long-term future. Wayfair has been attempting to diversify its business model, teaming up with competitors to sell more items at lower prices. One example is by expanding its offerings from home goods to larger furniture. The company also sells other products to its customers, such as home improvement supplies. However, this has not yet paid off for the company.

World Market

Why are there so many furniture stores on Western Avenue? The new generation has different needs than the previous one. Instead of thinking of furniture as a material that they can just add to their home, they see it as a tool that can make their environment more personal. This new generation values high quality at a low price. This has made big retail chains attract new customers and aspire to create more modern pieces at affordable prices.

Restoration Hardware

If you’re looking for high-end furniture and home decor, you may want to try Restoration Hardware. While the name is synonymous with expensive furniture, the brand also has a strong online presence and features upscale finds. You can even get a membership at Restoration Hardware for a mere $100 and get early access to sales and a 25 percent discount on everything. For a small fee, this membership is well worth the cost.

Another high-end alternative to Restoration Hardware is Apt2B. This furniture retailer has a great eye for contemporary design and offers a similar price range. Anthropologie is a famous clothing and beauty brand, but they have branched out into furniture as well. Their inventory ranges from high-end to inexpensive. You can even buy vases and other decor items in their online store. But you can’t get everything from Restoration Hardware if you don’t have a lot of cash.

Vandenberg Furniture

There are many good furniture stores along the western side of Michigan, but few stand out like Vandenberg Furniture. This family-owned business has been in business for over eight decades and is dedicated to providing excellent service to its customers. You can choose from standard furniture or Amish-made furniture. If you’re on a budget, try the lower-priced scratch-and-dent material.

Vandenberg Furniture was originally established in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1937 by Anthony and Dewey Vandenberg. The store featured electric lamps and was popular for its selection of home furnishings. It grew rapidly in Kalamazoo and moved to Portage in 1952. Later, Anthony Vandenberg passed the business to his son, Cal. Today, the company is located just north of Schoolcraft and continues to serve the community with a variety of home furnishings.

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