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Why is Cowhide So Expensive in OSRS?

One of the most popular questions from the general public in the open-world role-playing game, OSRS, is “Why is cowhide so expensive?” This article will discuss a few ways you can make money using this resource, including woodcutting, tanning, and magic saplings. The first step is to salt the hide before tanning. Tanning equipment can tan a lot of hides per hour. In addition to being expensive, cowhide is also extremely easy to care for. In this article, you’ll learn about how to tan and maintain the hide, including its care.


The cost of woodcutting is pretty high in OSRS. Axes are a necessary tool for this skill because they can be used to chop and hack trees. However, it is possible to acquire more expensive axes and use them for other purposes. This guide will discuss how to increase your ax’s burn chance. This will make woodcutting more profitable. It will also explain how to increase your fire-making level.

If you’re looking to increase your woodcutting experience without spending money, you should check out the F2P OSRS woodcutting guide. This guide will tell you which quests give you experience in this area and will help you increase your account progress. It also contains information on how to obtain better XP from woodcutting. It’s important to note that you can only find Maples in the Corsair Cove Resource Area. It’s best to cut Maple trees in areas with access to the bank. However, if you can’t afford this, you can try killing ents. This will give you a decent amount of woodcutting experience. But, you need to be cautious in the wilderness, as ents are a real nuisance.

Combat money-making method

There are a lot of different ways to make money in RuneScape, but one of the most popular is the hunting of cows. You can find these creatures north of Lumbridge on the eastern side of the river. To kill a cow, you need to level 15 in both Melee combat and ranged combat skills. You will also need a steel scimitar and full steel armor to do so. When you kill a cow, you will receive a Cowhide, which is worth 150 GP, which can be sold back at the Grand Exchange.

Another way to make money in OSRS is to kill Green Dragons, which drop dragon bones and hides. Green Dragons are fairly easy to kill but drop very valuable dragon bones and hides. These creatures can be found north of the Grand Exchange, and are worth the time. Once you have enough gold to purchase the hides, you can use them to train your magic. And as an added bonus, you’ll get a chance to earn OSRS gold while you’re at it!

Tanning cowhide

There are some pros and cons to tanning cowhide in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. For one, it’s expensive, but the quality is good. You can tan a maximum of 2,800 hides per hour without using stamina or energy potions. But, the quality of real cowhides is much better and thus more expensive.

One of the biggest benefits of cowhide is its durability. If you are a cow hunter, you can get it for up to 150 GP per hiding. In addition, you can use it for various projects such as making clothes and bags. But you must have a high level of Melee combat skills. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to make much money from it. In order to make this profitable, you can buy two cowhides and sell them at a higher price. You can also use your Chain ability to kill more cows and make more leather.

Using magic saplings

There are many ways to earn money in OSRS, but the most rewarding way is to plant magic saplings. Growing saplings will yield you a large number of resources and XP, but it’s not a quick fix. Growing magic saplings takes time and a high Farming level. You can plant up to eight per hour, but they’ll take a long time to grow. The best way to maximize your income from this method is to buy as many seeds as you can and then bank them.

There are several different types of saplings, but you can only grow magic trees if you have level 75 in farming. If you’re a beginner, planting magic saplings isn’t for you. Growing them is tedious and gives little experience, so many people just skip planting them and instead buy them from the Grand Exchange. The latter is a more profitable option but requires a large amount of capital.

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