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Why Can’t Lake Decor Be As Pretty As Beach Decor?

Why not incorporate lake or beach wall art into your home? Coastal and beach wall art can help bring the outdoors inside. Muted color palettes and nature-themed wall art are perfect for bringing the outdoors inside. Here are some ideas for creating a lake or beach-themed home. Once you have your theme figured out, you’ll have the most beautiful decor for your lake house.

Coastal interiors

If you’d like your home to have the feeling of a coastal beach or a calming lake, you might try using coastal colors. While you may not be able to get away with a beach-themed color scheme, the coastal look will still be fresh and fun, thanks to a lot of texture. For instance, you can use woven pieces that nod to the plants along the shore. Or you could opt for exposed brick and white-washed shutters.

Although a coastal interior isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as lake decor, the details that make it look livelier aren’t as obvious as lake-inspired designs. Use small details like nets, rope, and shells to create an oceanic feel. You can also use driftwood that has aged from the constant beating of the waves. Other accents include live tropical plants and sailboats.

Nature-themed wall art

For a calming atmosphere, consider nature-themed wall art. A leaf-shaped wall accent can add nature to your home without the hassle of watering them. If you’d prefer, you can also purchase high-quality faux plants. If you’re on a budget, you can always opt for scarf tapestries instead of actual plants. These pieces can be draped over a dowel, transforming them into instant decor.

Muted color palettes

Whether you’re decorating a cabin on a lake, creating an oasis for your family, or simply bringing the outdoors inside, muted color schemes are the way to go. They can fit into most color schemes, regardless of formality. These colors are warm, and inviting, and give any space a cozy and serene atmosphere. These colors are suitable for a variety of events and can be used on invitations, tablescapes, and even clothing.

A neutral color palette allows you to add splashes of color with key pieces. For example, a large hanging candle holder and a beautiful woven chair add impact to an open living room. Then, ombre-dyed draperies add a splash of blue to the dining room and living room, making a dramatic statement. You can also mix and match accent colors, such as navy blue and turquoise, to create a warm, inviting space.

Adding a focal point

Adding a focal point to your lake decor is an excellent way to draw attention to the room. You can use more than one focal point, but two or three is a good number. Focused rooms have a sense of order, while one with a single focus is unsettling. For instance, a large room with a picture window can have a fireplace mantel as the focal point. If you can afford it, consider purchasing two or three pieces and pairing them with a single piece of furniture. Whether you choose two or three objects, make sure they tie into the space and inspire conversation.

Another great way to highlight your focal point is with the artwork. A painting, sculpture, or mural on the wall can create a focal point and draw the eye to it. Plants in a room can make a focal point as well. Choose plants with glossy leaves, as these will catch the light. A healthy, flourishing plant is an excellent focal point. If you cannot afford a large artwork, go for a beautiful lily on the floor.

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