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Who Will Pick Up Furniture in the Western New York Area?

There are many people who will pick up the furniture from your home. If you need some furniture picked up and don’t know what to do with it, you can donate it to someone who needs it. There are several charities to consider. Some of these organizations accept gently used furniture and other household items. Some even pick it up for free. You may be surprised at what you can donate! There are several organizations that will pick up your furniture for free.

City Opera Thrift Shop

If you have a large amount of furniture and are tired of the same old look, consider giving it away. This longtime thrift store will pick up your furniture in the western New York area and make it look brand-new again. All of your proceeds will go to the NYC Opera. And since you can even have it picked up for free, it’s even more convenient. Just contact the store to arrange a pickup.

This thrift store is known for its clean, well-organized aisles, large selection, and great prices. If you’re looking for designer vintage pieces, the store also has a large selection of these items. Their inventory is well-organized, and the store feels like a hallway of living rooms. Most donations are accompanied by a story about the shop’s owner’s journey to create the pieces.

Big Reuse

The Big Reuse in Brooklyn is accepting donations of gently used furniture. Its collection trucks pick up a high volume of items from the area and only charge for the time it takes to load and transport them to its processing facility. This organization also accepts books, architectural features, and other items that would otherwise end up in the trash. Donations of household items and small appliances are also welcome. Big Reuse also accepts pictures of the items that have been donated.

The company also picks up food waste from the western New York area. The company also processes the food scraps of local residents and brings them to a composting facility in Fresh Kills, Staten Island. Although the composting facility is in Staten Island, it picks up food waste from neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Residents of the western New York area can also drop off food scraps at local farmer’s markets.

Hour Children

If you’re looking for a local nonprofit to pick up your gently used furniture, you can donate to several organizations in western New York. Many organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, accept a variety of items, including furniture, and use all-electric trucks to make pick-ups. Housing Works also accepts furniture, but they do not accept particle-board pieces, beds, or recliners. These organizations pick up furniture for free or for a fee.

Habitat for Humanity

If you have unwanted furniture, you can donate it to Habitat for Humanity. They accept a wide variety of items and use all-electric trucks to pick them up. You can also contact Housing Works, another local nonprofit organization if you live in this area. They will pick up furniture for free, and provide a tax-deductible receipt. In the western New York area, you can call them at 845-525-4676 to donate your furniture.

Furniture donations can benefit many nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity. Choose a charity whose mission aligns with your own. It might also be time to make a big move. In Buffalo, you can contact Wayfinder Moving to find the best moving company to help you move. They will pick up your furniture for free in the Western New York area. You can also donate gently used or new furniture to Habitat for Humanity, which will use the proceeds to build new homes for people in need.

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