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Who Supplies Cowhides For Baseballs?

Several companies make baseballs, but who supplies the cowhides? This article will cover three of them: Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Cargill, and Spalding. But you may be wondering: how do baseball companies get such supple cowhides? And how do they compete with companies that export beef? Read on to find out! And don’t forget to check out the Cowhides USA website for the latest news!

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company

Traditionally, the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company has supplied baseballs with cowhides. While the company has sourced cowhides from all over the world, it has also created its own baseball logo since 1977. In addition to becoming the official supplier of the major leagues, Rawlings has also had many professional baseball players endorse its equipment. There are five main glove series and many college baseball teams use Rawlings baseballs.

The Rawlings factory produces about 2.4 million baseballs each year. Employees sit in neat rows and sew baseballs for every Major League Baseball tournament. Their arms are raised high in the air like rowers. It’s a job that requires physical endurance. But the work environment is a happy one. Employees are usually glad to get paid a decent wage, and some suffer from shoulder injuries caused by sewing too many baseballs.


Cowhides are used to produce a wide variety of items. Baseballs are made from cowhide, which is one of the most common products in the cattle industry. The process of creating baseballs is also labor-intensive. The raw material must be processed to get the desired finished product, including the baseball itself. The process is lengthy and requires multiple steps, but it is a lucrative business. Cargill uses its own processing facility to produce baseballs.

The cowhide for baseballs is processed at the company’s tannery in Tennessee. It is then shipped to the Rawlings manufacturing plant in Costa Rica where it is stitched onto baseballs. To ensure that the baseballs are produced flawlessly, the leather has to pass a series of examinations. The cowhide must be thick and durable enough to meet the quality standards. The hide is then stitched with cotton seams.


In the early days of baseball, no two balls were identical. The game was often referred to as the “Dead-Ball Era” due to the inconsistency of the ball. In 1876, the National Baseball League (MLB) was founded. Spalding, a man from New England, offered his baseball design to the Rawlings company. Rawlings became the official ball supplier of MLB. Major League Baseball used nearly 900,000 balls a year. Most of these balls are given out to fans, and many are lost in-game progress. In professional baseball, balls are rarely used to their fullest capacity.

Baseballs are made by assembling successive layers of material, starting with the cork and a thin layer of red rubber. The baseballs are then wrapped in cement. The outer winding is made from a poly/cotton blend, which adds strength to the baseball while reducing the risk of tears. Finally, the baseballs are covered with a cowhide cover. It is important to select a high-quality cowhide for baseballs, and this will help to maintain the shape and quality of the baseball.

Synthetic rubber

During World War II, the Japanese seized Malaya and the Dutch East Indies. They used this rubber to make tanks and long-range bombers. Uncle Sam banned natural rubber for non-war purposes, and this caused a severe shortage of the material. A replacement material was introduced just five weeks before Opening Day. Today, baseballs are made of synthetic rubber cowhide, a replacement material that is durable and long-lasting.

Baseballs are made of multiple layers of tightly wound yarn. The layers allow the ball to retain its shape and pliable quality. Unraveling a baseball would take a very long time. A baseball may contain several hundred yards or more of twine. Manufacturers use a special machine to wind this material around the baseball’s core. Once the baseball is wound, factory workers apply an adhesive to its exterior.

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