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Who Picks Up Used Furniture in Surfside Beach?

Are you wondering who will pick up your used furniture? If so, you may want to donate it to one of the many thrift shops in the area, including the Salvation Army, Jiffy Junk, and the City Opera Thrift Shop. These places accept used furniture, including couches and dining room tables. However, some of these shops do not take used furniture. The best option may be to look for free pick-up services.

Salvation Army

If you have an excess amount of used furniture lying around your house, you can schedule a pickup through the Salvation Army. However, you should keep in mind that pickup is not always possible. In order to receive the service, you must call the Salvation Army and confirm that the pickup is scheduled. When you call, be sure to describe your donation, including its type, quantity, and location. Moreover, you should be prepared to pay a small fee.

The Salvation Army accepts many different types of donations, including household goods, clothing, and other items. Whether you are donating a single piece of furniture or a whole house, you will be glad to hear that the Salvation Army will pick it up. As a charitable organization, the Salvation Army has many programs in Surfside Beach. These programs help those in need throughout the United States and abroad.


Goodwill stores accept gently used clothing, home goods, and furniture. In addition, Goodwill stores also accept used electronics, sports equipment, and collectibles. They also accept gently used furniture, linens, toys, and bedding. The goodwill also accepts gently used jewelry, household items, and children’s clothing. To donate items to the Goodwill store, please contact the Goodwill store nearest you.

Some local Goodwills offer free pickup services for large items. Goodwill collects donated furniture and sells it in its stores or online to provide jobs to low-income individuals. However, some donations are not accepted. Furniture that is ripped, soiled, stained, has pet odors, or has broken lighting is not accepted. You can also donate items that are no longer in use, sell them on online marketplaces, or recycle them.

Jiffy Junk

You can get rid of used furniture by hiring a service that picks up large, bulky items. Local trash services usually only pick up large items on certain days of the month, and you might not have time to wait for a pickup if you need to get rid of your furniture right away. Fortunately, Jiffy Junk is able to work with your schedule and pick up large items on the day that is most convenient for you.

Many rental property owners face the challenge of removing furniture from their properties. After all, it takes up valuable space, which is not always easy to find. However, there’s an easy solution: Jiffy Junk picks up used furniture in Surfside Beach and disposes of it properly. The company also recycles furniture that’s no longer in use. Jiffy Junk also ensures that all furniture is recycled or donated.

City Opera Thrift Shop

If you have unwanted furniture, consider giving it to a thrift store. Many of these shops will take your unwanted furniture and pay you for a portion of the revenue. But before you give your used furniture away, consider donating it to a charity. You will be helping a great cause and will also be minimizing your impact on the environment. Listed below are some options. Read on to learn more.

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