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Who Picks Up Furniture for Donation in Huntington Beach, California?

If you’re looking for a company that will pick up your furniture for donation in Huntington Beach, California, there are a number of options. Some of these organizations are Patriots and Paws, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. Read on to learn more about each one and get a quote. Then, contact them to schedule your donation. Once you’ve booked your pick-up, they will deliver your furniture to the location of your choice.

Salvation Army

If you have extra furniture and appliances in your home that you no longer need, the Salvation Army can pick them up for free. You can even schedule a pick-up of larger items if you prefer. If you donate larger items, you can also get tax benefits by donating them to charity. If you’re unsure which organization to donate your unwanted items to, visit their websites for more information.

Most charities offer free pick-up of donations, but make sure you verify the policies of the organizations you’re considering. Some require a donation of some sort for gas, so be sure to research their policies before you make your donation. Other organizations only accept certain types of items, such as clothing. Before you donate, label your items with the name of the charity you’re donating them so you can be sure that you’re sending the right items.


If you are in Huntington Beach, California, and are looking for a charity that will pick up your furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that provides educational and workforce-related services to people in need. You can find a location near you by searching online for Goodwill pickups in your area. If you want to donate your items to a charity that will pick them up for free, you may want to contact the Furniture Bank, a nationwide nonprofit.

Another reason to donate your furniture is to make a tax deduction. This way, you can deduct the full cost of the donation from your taxes. There are many nonprofit organizations that will pick up your donation for free. Listed below are some of them. Donate your furniture today! And remember, donating is a great way to give back to your community! So, get ready to make a difference and help others in need!

Habitat for Humanity

Free donation pickup is a convenient way to get rid of unwanted household items. There are several locations throughout Orange County where you can drop off items. If you’re looking for a place to donate your furniture, consider Habitat for Humanity. The nonprofit organization helps build homes in need around the world. Donations are tax-deductible for homeowners. When donating, be sure to properly appraise the items you donate.

There are several ways to donate your unused furniture. Many nonprofit organizations pick up donated items and transport them to their ReStore for resale. However, donating furniture is sometimes difficult. A local charity may not be able to accept items that contain toxic materials or are in poor condition. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of transporting your items, you can drop off donations at Habitat for Humanity’s Anaheim and Santa Ana warehouses. All items donated to Habitat for Humanity must be clean, in working order, and comprehensible.

Patriots and Paws

If you are looking for a place to donate furniture in Huntington Beach, look no further than Patriots and Paws. This charity provides rescued companion animals and basic home furnishings to veterans and other people in need in Southern California. They also pick up furniture and household items for free. Patriots and Paws accept all types of furniture, except for baby items. Older appliances and cookware are not accepted, nor are books and seasonal holiday decorations.

Donated boxes, mattresses, box springs, and bedding are especially appreciated. Mattresses and box springs can be donated to Patriots and Paws to outfit low-income housing. Donated furniture is picked up by local trash pickup services four times per year. You can donate up to 10 pieces of furniture and 40 lbs. of trash per pickup. The only drawback to donating mattresses is that they are not recyclable.

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