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Who Picks Up Furniture for Donation in Boynton Beach Florida?

If you’re in need of someone to pick up your furniture for donation in Boynton Beach, Florida, you have a few choices. Donate to the South Florida Donation Center, the Joshua Thrift Store, Mustard Seed, or 9Pickup. You’ll be glad you did. Listed below are the pros and cons of each service. Which company will pick up your items the most?

South Florida Donation Center

If you have excess furniture in your home, you may want to donate it to a local charity. South Florida Donation Center will pick up your donated furniture in a few days in the Tri-County area. Donations of furniture, appliances, books, and more can raise funds for local, state, and national programs. Donation pickup is free of charge. You can find local charities in your area in our Charity Directory.

Many organizations accept donated items in Palm Beach County. Some of these organizations have convenient drop-off locations, while others offer to pick up donations for free. To make your life easier, consider donating furniture, appliances, and more. Most will provide tax receipts. You can even drive in and get your furniture picked up for free. There are no excuses not to donate! Goodwill Industries of Central Florida is a nonprofit organization based in Boynton Beach.

Joshua Thrift Store

Have you accumulated lots of old furniture and clothing? If so, Joshua Thrift Store in Boynton Beach Florida can pick it up. This non-member organization relies on the help of volunteers to complete its work. You can also volunteer to pick up your old items, either by calling them directly or scheduling a pickup. Joshua Thrift Store is always looking for volunteers to help with their pick-up services.

The Lord’s Place operates the Joshua Thrift Store in Boynton Beach Florida. This thrift store opened in March and employs former homeless men and women. The store also offers customer service training to formerly homeless clients. In fact, the Joshua Thrift Store has helped employ 31 former clients of The Lord’s Place. Currently, 7 of the 16 staff members are clients of the nonprofit, while ten more are undergoing work experience training.

Mustard Seed

If you are in need of furniture pickup in Boynton Beach, you may be wondering if a nonprofit can pick up your donations for you. Yes, a nonprofit can. But how do you know if the nonprofit is right for you? Listed below are some options. Goodwill stores take household items and even children’s items. They also accept gently used furniture and small appliances, bedding, dishes, flatware, toys, and even holiday decorations. Some nonprofits also accept household goods, clothes, and toys, while others take more delicate items.


If you’d like to donate some of your unwanted furniture in Boynton Beach, you can contact the organization 9Pickup. The company offers free donation pickup in the tri-county South Florida area. They accept donations of furniture, appliances, clothing, home decor, computers, and more. To schedule a pickup, call 1-888-9-PICKUP. To learn more, visit their website.

When choosing a charity to accept your donated furniture, it is important to remember to consider the condition of the items you are donating. Make sure to donate only usable items. Avoid donating broken or worn furniture. Pack your items as if you’re moving them. After all, who wants to lift a box weighing 50 pounds? In addition, your items should be in good condition.

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