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Who is the CEO of Coastal Furniture?

Coastal Furniture is an established brand, which is a reflection of Turkish culture. Its founder, Ahmet Ozan, had dreamed of a business in the home decoration field since he was young. In 2002, he met the CEO of a renowned European brand, and the business began to produce and distribute furniture for that brand. In 2005, he expanded the product line by opening a showroom in Istanbul. Ahmet identified a market for contemporary and value-for-money furniture. In 2006, he started producing wooden furniture, which was later followed by upholstered furniture.

Dorothy Moraca

Coastal Fabulous Furniture Shop specializes in hand-painted and repurposed furniture. The shop’s eclectic selection includes vintage finds, jewelry, and collectibles. With almost 6,000 square feet of showroom space, this furniture shop sells unique furniture and hand-painted cabinet doorknobs. Jasmine Menorca, the shop’s owner, has been in the business for a decade and has always loved St. Pete Beach.

Thos. Baker

The company recently acquired two coastal furniture companies. Maine Cottage is known for its painted wood furniture and upholstered pieces. Maine Cottage merged with Thos. Baker to form Coastal Brands. These two companies are both focused on coastal casual style. Each of the companies uses the finest materials and boasts superior value and durability. You can find a wide variety of styles from both companies. The two companies offer a wide variety of outdoor furniture.

The company began as a teak-dominant outdoor furniture brand and has since expanded into other materials. Although the company still produces teak-dominated furniture, it now sells everything from wicker and metal to wood and wrought iron. Its products can be found in retailers and online. The company has been in business since 2004. The CEO of the company shares his insight into what consumers are looking for.

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