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Which Witcher 3 Trader Pays the Best For Cow Hide?

When you are farming cattle for Cowhides in The Witcher 3, it can be very easy to cheat the system and make huge profits. This way, you can farm cows infinitely and sell the hides for a great profit. This will also allow you to collect and sell pearls. However, this exploit was fixed by CD Projekt Red, who added a super-powered monster that hunted down cattle.


The best way to earn the highest amount of cowhide is to make your own armor. This can be done by crafting a cowhide mask. Cowhide masks cost about 100 Crowns each. You can also craft your own cowhide mask by using your skills. Cowhide masks also make the best weapons. This makes them the most useful items to sell to armorers in Witcher 3.

Cowhide can be obtained by farming in the forest. You can find cows near any town in the world, and you can buy unlimited shells from them. You can sell these shells to Armorers in the town of Novigrad. You can sell them to him if you have enough cowhide. Cowhide necklaces make good jewelry, and you can sell them to blacksmiths to make more items.


Blacksmiths are an important part of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as they will craft various weapons after you find the schematics and crafting materials to make them. The game features three levels of Blacksmiths: amateur, journeyman, and master. The latter two specialize in crafting top-tier weapons, but you must find them first before you can make use of their services. However, blacksmiths do not make armor, so you must seek out armorers instead.

Cowhide is the best type of cow leather to obtain. Cowhide is sold to blacksmiths near Woesong Bridge. However, players can also sell their gear to merchants, or even to the quartermaster, who pays the most per piece. When selling cowhides to blacksmiths, you should first sell them to the merchant near the marker. Blacksmiths in Witcher 3 pay the best for cow hide, so it’s worthwhile to try selling your gear to these merchants in the early game.


There are many ways to get cowhide, and the female innkeeper in the game is a good place to start. You can also talk to the fisher king, who will deliver your letter to Triss and Shani. You can also speak to the female innkeeper to find out about the sunken city of Rivia or the prize-winning cow. If you want to know more about cows, be sure to read on!

Other merchants

Cows can be obtained through various methods. You can kill cows with your sword and loot their bodies for various items. The most valuable item is cowhide, which you can sell to merchants for 27 Crowns per piece. However, you cannot loot all cows and hides. You must kill the cows in order to collect the hides. In this way, you will be able to gather enough cow hides to sell to other merchants in the game.

When selling cow hides, it’s best to sell them to other merchants in the game. You can sell them to a merchant near the Woesong Bridge marker. However, you’ll get more money for each piece of cowhide if you sell it to a quartermaster instead of a village merchant. This is because he offers more money per piece. In addition, you can also sell your gear to a merchant near the Woesong Bridge marker.

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