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Which Rug Color Will Go Best With a Grey Sofa and Rustic Look Furniture?

If you’re planning on using a grey sofa with rustic-styled furniture, you may be wondering which rug color goes best with it. You can choose between green, ivory, and multicolored flatweave area rugs. You can also try a vintage rug if you’re trying to bring back the look of your home’s history. Here are some tips to make your selection easier:


A grey sofa does not have to be boring. Try pairing a green rug with a grey sofa and rustic-look furniture. It will give your living room a playful element without overwhelming it. You can also try yellow or orange, which will brighten the space. These colors are adaptable to many different styles and designs. Orange is a great color choice with a grey sofa, as it represents positivity and optimism.


Incorporate the Ivory rug color with a rustic look of living room furniture, like a gray sofa, into your rustic decor scheme. The softer ivory color will be a nice contrast to the grey couch, while the slightly darker green will provide some warmth. In addition, try using warm cream for other accessories, such as paint for cabinetry. Whether you choose a contemporary or a rustic look, the combination is sure to be an eye-catcher.

Multicolored flatweave area rug

If you are a minimalist who likes to mix classic and contemporary designs, a grey area rug will be the perfect fit for your home. This rug’s versatile color palette allows you to use it in any room in your home, from your dining room to your living room. You can also use it as an accent piece for your walls and other home accessories, such as fresh flowers or coasters. Grey area rugs are ideal for use over hardwood flooring, so they can be positioned strategically around the room.

Vintage rugs

If you have a grey sofa and rustic look furniture, you might consider contrasting a vintage rug with the grey sofa. A fading rug will add a worn-in appearance to your couch. Pair it with wicker baskets or green pants for a complete look. Black and white rugs work well with neutral furniture while adding a pop of color. In the end, the room will appear cohesive and boho-chic.

Line patterned area rug

A sisal, black, and white patterned area rug accentuates the gray sofa and rustic look furniture in this living room. The muted grey-on-gray effect provides a great canvas for bold, colorful accessories. If you want to achieve the look of a beach house without the overwhelming coastal theme, use colors of blue, white, and sea elements. This light gray couch is complemented by the black and white stripe base, which adds another layer of texture and color to the room.

oval rustic lodge rugs

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