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Which Part of a Cow is Hide?

If you’re wondering which part of a cow is hidden, keep reading! We’ll cover the five basic sections of cowhide, as well as their price and stretchy nature. Regardless of your preference, you’re sure to find a suitable hide in the following sections. Here are some common examples of cowhide:

Five basic sections

The five basic parts of a cow’s hide determine the quality of its leather. The first two parts are known as the stomach and the back, which are the lowest grades. The second and third parts are known as the neck and shoulder. The front shoulder, which runs from behind the cow’s head to the third part of the back, is the highest quality hide. Its texture and grain are the best. It is also the least expensive.

Stretchy nature

A real cowhide rug is more lightweight than a bull hide rug, and it also stretches easily. Cows are renowned for their long lives, and the stretchy nature of their hide means that it is much softer and more pliable than a bull hide rug. You can expect some scarring or signs of life on the hide, which doesn’t take away from its beauty. Instead, you should be grateful for the unique beauty of a real cowhide rug.


The prices of cowhides have been falling for about seven years now, since the occurrence of COVID, an outbreak of the disease that killed cattle. In Australia, the price of hides plummeted to US$8-10 a piece, and some beef processing plants were paying the freight for salted hides at a loss. But the trend seems to be reversed now. The prices have gone back to normal, with prices of hides now ranging between Rs. 350 and Rs. 550 per pc.


The quality of the cowhide will depend on where it was harvested. Full cowhide is cut into five sections, each with its own specific characteristics. The two belly segments of the lower hide, including the upper legs and abdomen, are considered the lowest grade. The two bends on the top of the cow’s back are higher in tensile strength and have fewer defects. The highest grade of cowhide is the part of the cow’s back extending from behind its head to one-third of the way down its back. Its grain and texture are best.

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