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Which Merchant Buys Cow Hide in Witcher 3?

Want to know where you can sell cowhide in Witcher 3? Here are a few tips. You can also make extra money in Witcher 3 by looting other people’s gear. First of all, you need to kill any creatures that drop items. After you’ve done so, you can loot their gear to sell to a merchant near the Woesong Bridge marker. Then, you should sell your gear to the quartermaster, who will give you more money per piece.

Vendors that buy cow hides in Witcher 3

You can earn money by selling cowhides to vendors in the game. Cows drop meat, milk, and hide, and each hide can be sold for 27 crowns. However, cows respawn after two hours of meditation, and their corpses remain in the area even after new ones appear. This means that your inventory will eventually run out of cow hides before you can sell them, forcing you to re-loot them and rotate between multiple shopkeepers.

You can find the Cowhide vendor in the White Orchard, which is just to the left of the bridge. When you approach a cow, you can kill it with your sword to get the cow’s hide, which can be looted for a variety of goods. In addition, cowhides are worth 27 Crowns each and can be sold to a merchant in the White Orchard for a good price.

Locations of lucrative treasure troves

The Witcher 3 has a number of incredibly profitable loot locations, ranging from cities to deserts. For the most money, you should head to these locations at night, as they are much safer. Likewise, Smuggler caches are golden loot opportunities and are a great way to upgrade armor for free early on. Treasure troves are also more common in the waters surrounding Novigrad, where you can find several. But the Skellige isles have been credited with more lucrative treasure troves, but they also pose more dangers and risks. If you are a looter, you may want to take your loot to the Armorer and make more of it.

Another treasure trove location is a corpse near the Ferry Station Signpost. The corpse of a smuggler can be found in the area by utilizing the Witcher’s Senses. To reach this treasure, head north from the Ferry Station to a riverside. You can also head north from the Border Post and search for a corpse of a refugee. You can also head north from the Byways to find a corpse and loot near the Elven Ruins.

Methods of making money in Witcher 3

One of the fastest ways to make money in The Witcher 3 is by buying cowhide. You can find these cows in White Orchard and kill them with a sword to gain their hide. It’s not uncommon to sell a piece of cowhide for around 27 Crowns. The cows will respawn after a couple of hours of meditation, so you can continue this process until you have the desired amount of money.

Buying cow hides in The Witcher 3 is not an illegal practice, and it can be used as a means of fast travel and to carry more items. However, not every shopkeeper will buy your entire stock, so you will have to travel a long way to sell them to a shopkeeper. This is why you should be sure to save often. Moreover, dying often will automatically reset your progress to the previous save point.

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