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Which is Tougher? Horsehide Or Cow Hide?

Whether you want a jacket to last a lifetime or a special accessory for your special occasion, you’ll want to know which is tougher – horsehide or cowhide? Cowhide and Bison leather are also excellent choices. Learn more about their differences and benefits below. Also, discover why Cordovan leather is better for the fashion industry. You can also browse our Customer Gallery for examples of used jackets.


If you are looking for a leather product that is more durable, tough, and more durable than cowhide, horsehide may be your best choice. Horsehide is much tougher than cowhide and is often used for jackets, work jackets, and riding jackets. However, the price of cowhide is more expensive than horsehide, making it a less popular choice for riding and work jackets. Both types of hiding can be used for other leather products.


In many ways, horsehide is similar to cowhide, but it has distinct characteristics. Horsehide is a more durable leather than cowhide and has been used traditionally for physically demanding tasks such as cowboy boots, baseballs, and motorcycle jackets. Because horsehide is more durable, it costs more to produce, but it is often more durable than cowhide. The toughness of horsehide is a benefit since it makes these products last longer. Unfortunately, in many areas, cowhide has surpassed horsehide in popularity.

Bison leather

If you want to wear a stylish pair of boots but can’t afford the price of a high-end cowhide, consider buying bison leather instead. Bison leather is tougher than horse and cow hides and is made from the hides of buffalo animals. The grain pattern of bison leather is distinct, and it can be used for any kind of leather goods, including shoes, purses, and wallets. Bison leather is also softer than cow and horse hides and is more durable, making it a good choice for shoes and accessories.

Cordovan leather

One of the benefits of cordovan leather is its durability. While horse hide is tougher, this leather is more expensive. It can be used to make leather goods, such as belts, bags, and shoes. Also known as Shell Cordovan, this leather is a dense fibrous membrane that comes from the hindquarters of a horse. Cordoba, Spain, is known for producing leather from horse hide.

Elephant leather

While both cow and horse hide is popular, elephant leather is harder and more luxurious. The texture is soft and velvet-like. The colors are neutral with mottled black accents. Elephant leather is also highly resistant to scratches. In fact, it’s one of the toughest types of leather available. This is why elephant leather products are so durable and meant to last for generations. This material is more expensive than cow or horse hide, but it is more durable than either of them.

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