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Which is the Best Leather Cowhide Or Genuine Leather?

If you want the highest quality leather, you should opt for full-grain cowhide. This leather is available in limited quantities, but it is more expensive than top-grain. It comes from the top part of the hide, without any alterations to its natural appearance. Top-grain leather is more affordable and widely available. However, full-grain leather is less durable and therefore less suitable for furniture.

Full-grain leather

There are many differences between full-grain and half-grain leather. The difference is not in the type of hiding but in the degree of quality. Full-grain leather is softer, breathable, and more absorbent than half-grain leather. Moreover, it will retain its original grain definition for up to two years after regular use. This is why leather lovers seek full-grain leather for their purses and handbags.

The differences between full-grain and half-grain leather are not very obvious. Rather, these differences are due to genetics and the climate of the area where the animal lives. In hot climates, cows tend to suffer from insect bites, leaving a scar on their skin. In cooler climates, however, there are few insects that affect cowhides. Nevertheless, certain breeds are known to have thicker skin and hair that protect their skin.

Cowhide leather

The first step in identifying real cowhides from fake cowhides is to understand how they differ. The two hide types are different in quality and appearance. Genuine leather is the top layer of a cow’s hide, while fake cowhide is made from plastic. The differences between these two materials lie in the top layer’s fineness and finishing. A real cowhide will be more durable and feel better under the touch.

Cowhide is a byproduct of the meat industry. Its strength depends on the type of production and the use of the product. The animal’s skin is harvested after a long process of tanning. A cow’s hide can last for years, making it an excellent option for bags, shoes, and other items. However, the difference between genuine leather and cowhide leather is significant. Genuine leather is much more expensive than cowhide, so the first step to identifying a genuine leather bag is to check for its origins.

Saffiano leather

Saffiano leather is a type of cowhide that is incredibly beautiful and expensive. It is a hard-wearing leather that is water-repellent and stain-resistant. The process of creating Saffiano leather is unique, and this type of leather is used by many high-end fashion brands. The Saffiano leather used in Prada’s handbags and wallets is called “Saffron” leather and is unique to Italy.

Saffiano leather is produced by heating the leather to seventy degrees. After this process, it is treated with a protective wax finish, making it resistant to scratches, water, and stains. Although sharp objects can cut through the wax coating, the finished leather retains a beautiful sheen and a wide range of colors. It is highly desirable in high-end fashion brands and has long been the leather of choice for many designers.

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