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Which Hide is Toughest?

You might wonder which hide is toughest. Here are some options: Ostrich, Kangaroo, or Deer. And which is best for leathermaking? Keep reading to find out. Ultimately, your choice will depend on what you’re most comfortable with. Hopefully, this information has helped you make an informed decision about leathermaking. And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.


Among the many types of leather, deer hide is known for being the toughest. This type of leather is both strong and insulating and features about a half-inch of fur on one side. The underside of the hide feels similar to soft suede. Deer hide is also water-friendly and stretches, making it extremely versatile. While it is the most expensive leather, it is incredibly durable.

While elk hide is softer than deer hide, it is also more durable. Despite its sturdiness, deer leather is very difficult to work with. It is also rare and cannot be mass-produced. Once tanned, deer leather produces the most durable, softest, and strongest leather gloves. It is the best choice for many types of outdoor gear. Deer leather is often used in expensive movie and theater productions.


Ostrich leather is the toughest leather known to man. It is an uncommon color that has raised points that are where feathers used to grow out of the animal. Its crown-like appearance is called quill bumps, and they cover one-third to two-thirds of the entire skin. This unique pattern makes ostrich leather a unique and durable material. Despite its toughness, ostrich hide is not suitable for every application.

Ostrich leather is the toughest and softest leather available. It is resistant to scuffs, and it also resists barnyard acid. A genuine ostrich boot’s price is determined by the size and pattern of the quills. The size of the quills is determined by the age of the animal and which part of the hide is used for the leather. Ostrich hide is the ultimate combination of durability and wearability and is the best choice for boots.


If you want the toughest leather available, consider kangaroo. The fiber structure of this animal is unique and highly organized, with a secondary supporting mesh. When combined with the low-fat content and thin grain layer, kangaroo hide retains its entire strength and resilience. While cowhide and goat hides are also hard and durable, kangaroo leather is incredibly lightweight and flexible.

The fiber structure of kangaroo skin is unique; unlike other types of animal leather, the skin is uniform and tensile. Although kangaroo leather is lightweight, it is 10 times tougher than bovine leather. Unlike cowhide, kangaroo leather is incredibly thin, measuring only one or two centimeters thick. This makes it easy to split without losing its tensile strength, while still retaining a similar level of toughness and suppleness.

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