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Where Were Navajo Ganado Rugs Woven?

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Navajo Ganado Rugs, their style centers, and their color scheme. Then we’ll discuss the differences between these beautiful pieces of Native American art and those of other cultures. To understand how to purchase and care for one, you’ll need to know more about Navajo weaving. Luckily, the history of this amazing style is fairly well documented.

Navajo weaving in the Revival Period

During the Revival Period, new techniques were introduced to Navajo weaving. Germantown yarn was introduced in the 1880s, and its brilliant colors gave rise to the name “Eye Dazzler.” The Germantown dyes were used to make blankets and wall hangings, and the Navajo weaving community used the new dyes to create vibrant patterns. The weaving community also began using aniline dyes, which were introduced by the Spanish, and the Navajos started experimenting with them.

Origin of Navajo Ganado Rugs

The Origin of Navajo Ganado Rug design is a complicated one. These rugs are derived from a variety of different areas, but they all have one thing in common, a unique weaving style. Whether you’re looking for a Navajo traditional rug or a modern version, the following are some important details to know. Firstly, the color of these rugs comes from their background. The Navajo people have a tradition of blending contrasting colors, and the Ganado red is the most distinctive hue. The dye is a natural pigment, which makes the rug incredibly durable. The darker the red, the more vibrant the Navajo rug will be, and the more natural the colors, the more vivid they will be.

Style centers

Early Navajo rugs were influenced by motifs found in the paintings of the great Navajo trader, Juan Lorenzo Hubbell. Ganado area weavers were known to create early rugs that resembled classic mantas and serapes, and Hubbell often displayed his paintings for guidance. Hubbell lived in Ganado, Arizona, and owned several trading posts around the Reservation. He developed several distinct style centers that were eventually categorized as the Ganado style.

Color scheme

The color scheme of the Navajo Ganado rug is unique in its design, and it is not easily mistaken for any other type of rug. This design is based on the central diamond, and it is often combined with geometric shapes in the corners or outside of the central design. A dark outside border completes the look of the Navajo Ganado rug. These rugs can be large, as they are made to be displayed in an entire room.


These hand-dyed Navajo Ganado rugs are hand-woven from native wool in natural dark brown and gray and are dyed aniline red. They have brightly colored birds, vines, and small animals depicted in the pattern, which is known as the Tree of Life. They were originally woven in the Cedar Ridge area of Navajo land. The colors used are bright and vary depending on the rug’s size, as they are sourced from different areas of the reservation.

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