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Where to Tan Cowhides in Al Karin

If you’re wondering where to tan cowhides in Al Karid, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the Al-Kharid Tannery near the Lumbridge bank, just west of Canis. It’s relatively easy to get your cowhide tanned, and the results will be worth the trip! Read on for details.

GE tannery

There are a number of ways to make money in the game World of Warcraft. For low-level f2p players, Ellis’ tannery near Dommik’s Crafting Store is an excellent choice. The tannery’s owner, Ellis, is very friendly and will gladly explain the process to you. He will charge you a small fee for each type of cowhide he tans.

First, go to Lumbridge and find the tannery located in the northwestern part of the city. You will find a bank close to the tannery and can spend three coins per hiding. You can pay a coin per hide to have them tanned in soft or hard leather. If you wish to tan a cowhide, make sure you have at least ten coins in your inventory.

Dominik’s Crafting Store

If you are interested in tanned cowhides in the game, you can find a tannery at Dommik’s Crafting Store in Al Kharid. The tannery is located near the bank, and you can use 3 coins to tan cowhides. You can tan both soft and hard leather at this tannery. The prices are similar to those at Rommik’s Crafting Store in Rimmington.


Al Kairid is home to several different types of tanneries. During the tannery process, the cowhide is first soaked in water. This removes any excess salt from the hide, while borax is added to neutralize the tan and impart slight alkalinity to the hide. Borax is a safe soaking agent that is safe to use on wooled skins. The amount of borax used depends on the nature of the hides, and the temperature used during the soaking process.

After soaking the hide in the solution, the pelt should be pinned to a board, with the fur side up. A paste made of four ounces of Borax and one ounce of water is applied to the hide. This paste must be worked into the hide using rubber gloves. After a day, the hide is rinsed and the paste is removed. The pelt is then spread on a sheet of plywood. After the hide is finished soaking in the past, it is pushed out with a blunt side of a knife.

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