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Where to Tan Cowhide in RuneScape 3

Salting cowhide is one of the simplest and quickest ways to tan cowhide. After it is salted, it can be stored for over a year, making it easy to find and tan the hide at a later date. The best way to store a salted hide is to place it in tarps or a permeable container, such as a bucket. The problem with salting a hide is that it causes it to dry out, making it difficult to scrape later.


GE cowhide is a rare type of skin and hair found in the lands of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It retains the original coloring and texture of the animal and is used by the food industry. GE cowhides can be traded on the Grand Exchange, the game’s trading system. Members are given eight Grand Exchange slots and free players are limited to three. You can use GE cowhide to craft various items.

If you’re new to RuneScape, resource gathering is an excellent way to earn some cash. This method involves using skills like Crafting and Smithing. However, early-game accounts will have a difficult time killing anything worthwhile. However, in mid to late-game, you’ll be able to kill enemies with some degree of success. You can also buy gold bars on the Global Exchange and craft them into gold bracelets to earn money and XP.


You can tan cowhide in RuneScape 3 by using a tannery in Varrock, which is found south of the west bank. This tannery requires 27 cowhides and 81 coins. You must walk or run to the tannery, which takes about 25 seconds. The hides are tanned by using tallow, which is the same substance that is used to make margarine and wax paper crayons. It can also be used in candles, lipsticks, and shaving creams.

Cowhides are sold at the Grand Exchange in batches of 1000. You can also tan cowhides in Al-Kharid, which is a bank for all players. Afterward, you can sell your tanned cowhide at the Grand Exchange. Alternatively, you can use a tannery in the same city where you bought cowhides and turn them into cash by selling them in batches of 1000.


If you’re in Burthorpe, you can tan a cow hide using a simple process. You need to find the Al-Kharid Tannery located near Lumbridge’s bank, west of Canis. There are some steps that you must follow before tanned leather can be sold for a profit. First, kill a cow. Then, kill a second cow, and so on.

Stockpiling cowhide

Obtaining cowhide is a relatively simple process in RuneScape. To get your first tanned cowhide, kill a cow. Once killed, you can turn the hide into soft or hard leather. It can be tanned and can yield up to 60K RuneScape gold per hour. Stockpiling cowhide will also raise your crafting level.

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