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Where to Take Cow Hide For Tanning in Al-Kharid

If you want to tan a cowhide, you should take it to a butcher and have him save the brains. You can ask him to save the brains, but make sure to ask for a little extra if you aren’t the one doing the butchering. These brains are commonly sold in rural areas, and you can even ask your butcher to save them for you.


The fastest way to tan a cowhide in Al-Kharid is to use Ellis. To use Ellis, you will need to withdraw 27 cowhides and have 81 coins in your inventory. Then, you’ll want to head to a bank and right-click Trade Ellis. Once you have 81 coins in your inventory, you can use Ellis to tan your cowhide.

Foxfire 3 book

The third book in the Foxfire series devotes an entire chapter to hide tanning. While it’s not a complete guide to the entire process, it’s a great directional resource. Listed below are the steps you can take to obtain a good-sized hide. You’ll need several items to prepare the hide for tanning. The first step is to remove the hair. Once the hide is clean, you can use the Foxfire 3 book as a guide.

Al-Kharid tannery

If you’re looking for an easy way to gain experience in cowhide tanning, you should visit the Al-Kharid tannery, which is located near the bank in Lumbridge. This place is also located west of Canis. To get a hide tanned, simply bring 27 cowhides to the tannery and pay three coins. Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, you can proceed to the next level of the tannery, Ellis.

Salting cowhides

The basic procedure for salting cow hides for tanning is the same as for tanning any other animal hide. After skinning the cow, rinse the hide thoroughly and lay it on a platform made of plywood or a workbench. Apply Morton Salt evenly to the cowhide, about 1-2 inches thick. Leave the hide on the platform for at least two weeks and then remove it. I used a kit from Scheels that worked very well and provided all the information I needed to get started.

Rehydrating dry-tanned hides

Rehydrating dry tanned cow skins is a relatively easy process that can restore the original color of a tanned hide. You’ll need to mix four ounces of salt per gallon of lukewarm water. Immerse the hide in the solution for about one hour. Then, place it in a plastic bag to dry overnight. After drying, you can mount or freeze the rehydrated hide. The salt solution will keep the hide from becoming swollen due to acid in the tan.

Removing hair from cowhide

To prepare a cowhide for tanning, first, remove the hair. Cowhides are thick and stiff when out of the tanning kit. To make working with the hide easier, remove as much hair as possible. A single hide can be trimmed to one-fourth of its original width. Then, rinse it well and dry it completely. Then, apply Morton Salt evenly, aiming for a thin layer. Wait two weeks before removing the hide.

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