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Where to Sell Cowhide Leather in The Witcher 3

The game has several ways to sell items for money, and one of these is cowhide leather. You can sell cowhide leather by killing creatures in the game and looting their items. You can also sell your gear to a merchant near the Woesong Bridge marker. It’s recommended that you sell your gear to a quartermaster, as he will give you more money per piece.

Money-making methods in Witcher 3

Selling cowhides are a legitimate way to make money in the game. This method also increases your carry capacity. However, it’s important to note that cowhides never stop re-appearing. To sell cowhide, you need to travel to a merchant and give them your cowhide. Then, you can sell it to a merchant for Crowns. Continue doing this until you earn the desired amount of money.

Ways to sell items in Witcher 3

One of the legitimate ways to make money in The Witcher 3 is by selling cowhides to the shops in White Orchard. Though cows never stop reappearing, you may not find a shopkeeper who is willing to buy your full stock. You can also buy saddlebags for Roach, which increase your capacity for carrying items. However, the best way to make money through cowhides is to buy a special weapon or sell them to a blacksmith or armorer. Keep in mind that if you sell a cowhide to a shopkeeper, they will take it for revenge, and if you die, you will be reset to the last save point.

Cowhide leather

Finding a place to sell your cowhide in The Witcher 3 is easy. Inns and taverns in the area are great places to sell your cowhide, but there are other places to find it as well. Merchants can offer more than taverns can. Inns and taverns will both offer you the same prices, but you will likely get a better price from a merchant.

Loan sharks in Novigrad

If you’ve completed the game and have yet to come across any of the loan sharks in Novigrad, the good news is that this quest is a quick one. This merchant can be found on the first floor of the Market Hall. He sells books and the card game Gwent. He also gives out a recipe for a potion called Werewolf Decoction. The reward is a leveled silver sword called Deithwen as well as fifty crowns. After you’ve retrieved the recipe for Werewolf Decoction, you can kill the Loan Shark to get his treasures. You’ll also gain an extra 80 XP for ending the curse.

Tanning cowhide hides

While many players choose to sell cowhide for its use in crafting and unique creation, this item can also be sold for a reasonable price. While the market for cowhide is small, it can be lucrative if you can find a buyer willing to pay a fair price for it. The best place to sell cowhide is in the town of Novigrad, where a tavern owner wearing red will pay you a decent price.

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