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Where to Sell Cowhide and Brutal Red Dragons in World of Warcraft

If you’re a player who’s interested in making gold, cowhides are a good way to get it. There are two ways to get them: either sell them to other players or farm them. Tanning cowhides are a great way to earn gold, but you can also farm them to sell at the grand exchange. We’ll go over the differences between these methods. And as a bonus, we’ll talk about brutal red dragons, too.

Selling cowhides on Grand Exchange

The easiest way to sell your cowhides in OSRS is through the Grand Exchange. This can be done after you obtain the required number of quest points. The first requirement for selling cowhides is having at least 10 total levels and 20 hours of gameplay. After you have reached those levels, you can simply sell your cowhide for 150 OSRS gold. You can also use the cowhides to improve your skills in the game.

Farming cowhides

One of the most classic money-makers in OSRS is farming and tanning cowhides. Cows are relatively low-level and can be accessed easily from a variety of locations. Lumbridge has two giant cow pens and you can also farm them south of Falador. The price for cowhides varies, but they are usually worth between 90 and 120 gold each. In addition to the monetary benefits, cows can be used to improve your skills, such as specializing in combat or even upgrading weapons and armor.

Tanning cowhides

Cowhide can be purchased from Al Kharid Tannery for about 20 gold coins per hiding. It takes around 50 seconds to tan one inventory, and you can turn the cowhide into the leather at Crafting level 28. You can also purchase Dragonhides from this same source for 57 gold coins per hiding. Tanning cowhide into leather is not a high-skilled profession and requires patience and good prices.

Brutal Red Dragons as a source of gold

Brutal Red Dragons are great sources of gold in OSRS. They are relatively easy to kill, and their low requirements make them perfect for players who are on a budget. While the recommended gear depends on the level of your Ranging skill, a good Gear setup will help you get the most gold per hour. It’s best to use God D’hide and Rune Crossbow for the best gold-per-hour ratio.

Making a holy symbol from cowhides

Creating a holy symbol from cowhides is easy if you have enough skill in Crafting. You need to be level 16 to craft one. You can buy a mold for five gold coins in a Crafting Shop. After creating a symbol, you must have a string to wear it. Without the string, the holy symbol will not be wearable. You can use a ball of wool, but this will not provide any prayer bonus.

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