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Where to Sale Navajo Rugs in Albuquerque

If you’re looking for a Navajo rug, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover where to buy a Navajo rug in Albuquerque, and even how to sell one! This article will tell you the best ways to do it. Two Gray Hills and Nizhoni Ranch Gallery are two great places to look. Crownpoint Auction is another place you should check out.

Two Gray Hills

Buying a Two Grey Hills Navajo rug in Albuquerque means purchasing a piece of history. These unique pieces were created by the Navajo people in the early twentieth century and are considered the Cadillac of Navajo weaving. These pieces feature intricate patterns and natural wool color, making them a true testament to Navajo weavers’ craft.

Two Grey Hills weavings come from the Chuska Mountains of New Mexico and are still practiced by a select group of weavers. These women spent years honing their art and are known for the beauty and richness of their creations. The fabric used in these rugs features natural shades of brown and black and is bordered with black. Many are decorated with border patterns and feature a central full diamond.

Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

A trip to the Navajo region is not complete without a visit to the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery. This unique art gallery specializes in presenting exhibitions of Navajo weavings and draws collectors from all over the world. Many of the rugs for sale have previously hung in museums. The gallery’s website features information on Navajo rugs, weaving techniques, and the artistry that went into the creation of each piece.

Among the artists who have contributed to the gallery’s collections are Navajo artist, Selena Yazzie, and award-winning weaver, Frances Begay. Both of these artists have received numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Joe Ben Wheat Award. Located in Sonoita, Arizona, Nizhoni Ranch is one of the most beautiful galleries in the nation for Native art and craft.

Crownpoint Auction

Crownpoint Auction is where to buy Navajo Rugs in Albuquerque. They hold regular monthly auctions on the second Friday of each month. Weavers submit rugs to be auctioned off. Guests are invited to peruse the rugs on display. The auction begins at 7 pm. The event is a unique blend of local and regional cultures. It benefits both the seller and the buyer.

Several days before the auction, weavers from Teec Nos Pos, Gallup, and Pinon, NM, join the event. Those who participate in the auction receive a check for the sold rug. The rugs are displayed on folding tables. The majority of the bidders are Anglos. The association receives fifteen percent of the final sale price.

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