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Where to Get Real Cow Hide Rugs

Real cowhides are an incredible purchase. They are made from the skin of a cow, making them as authentic as possible. When they are brand new, real cowhide feels soft and supple. Over time, however, they tend to become rough, which is part of the charm of real cowhide. Fake cowhide, on the other hand, loses its hair and starts to look patchy.

Brazilian hair-on cowhides are the highest quality South American hides on the market

You can find the highest quality South American hides in the world by purchasing a Brazilian hair-on cowhide rug. It is the epitome of quality and the creme de la creme of the cowhide industry. Brazilian cowhides are generally more expensive than their European counterparts. However, European cowhide rugs are often more affordable while still maintaining high-quality standards.

They are the focal point of any room

Whether you are redecorating your living room, entryway, or mudroom, real cowhides make a striking focal point. The warm tones of the hide will complement a variety of surroundings. Their natural coloring is suitable for rooms that tend toward a warmer, earthy feel. It is also durable and can withstand the clomping of ski boots and muddy paw prints. Using cowhide as flooring in these rooms will let you play around with patterns and palettes and define space.

They last 7 to 10 years

As a rule of thumb, real cowhides last seven to ten years, which is quite long considering that cows are not raised specifically for their hide. However, there are some companies that raise cows specifically for their hide, so if you’re interested in purchasing a cowhide rug, you can feel comfortable knowing that it wasn’t raised for its hide, but rather for its use as a rug. The majority of cowhide rugs are actually collected from slaughterhouses and treated to be high-quality products.

They are durable

If you’re looking for a stylish and durable rug that’s also very easy on the budget, consider a cowhide area rug. These rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors, including spotted, salt and pepper, and tri-colored. You can even choose a cowhide rug with metallic spots. These rugs are not only beautiful but also extremely durable, so you can rest assured that your new rug will last for many years to come.

They are unique

One of the most important differences between a real cowhide rug and a fake is its durability. A genuine hide can last for seven to ten years in a high-traffic area. Unlike other materials, cowhide does not absorb odors and is naturally liquid resistant. Unlike synthetic materials, real cowhide cannot be torn or scratched. It can only be cleaned with a broom or shaken.

They are a great accent piece

If you’re decorating your bedroom, cowhide accent pieces would be an excellent accent piece. They would integrate with your existing decor and add warmth and comfort. You can find one that matches your overall color palette and pillow, and it would look fantastic by the fireplace. Its texture and style would complement any room’s decor. This type of accent piece would also be a great choice for a dining room since it will match your wood floors and another decor in the room.

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