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Where to Get Authentic Native American Rugs

If you are looking for an authentic Native American rug, you are in luck. The Internet has numerous online stores that sell these beautiful pieces of Native American art. If you want to own authentic Navajo rugs, this article will help you find the best ones. The rugs are made of homespun, hand-carded wool. You can also make them at home. But be sure to look for the original piece and not just anyone that claims to sell it.

Authentic Navajo rugs

Authentic Navajo rugs have characteristics that help identify them as Native American rugs. Some are more distinctive than others. For example, the Ganado design, which originated in the town of Gando, is distinguished by its red background and black borders, and its abundance of stars, diamonds, and crosses. Some are more complex, and their intricate designs are reminiscent of Oriental designs. Others are smaller and more detailed, such as the two-toned klagetoh rug.

Navajo rugs are one-of-a-kind works of art. The process of weaving one of these rugs takes months or even years, depending on the size and pattern. This art form has been practiced by the Navajo people since the mid-late 1600s when they first started creating them. While the weaving process and materials have changed over the years, these rugs still maintain their cultural roots.

A good way to identify a genuine Navajo rug is to look for the side selvage cord. This cord, often twisted, helps the weaver maintain a straight edge. If it doesn’t, it may not be authentic. Another way to spot a fake is to sniff it. Contemporary Navajo wool has little lanolin in it, so it’s not helpful to sniff it. Older rugs may have developed other odors over time.

Authentic Navajo blankets

Authentic Navajo blankets can be difficult to find, even today. Their scarcity and high price made them highly sought-after trade items. These blankets were prized for their warmth, artistry, and beauty by plains cultures. Authentic Navajo blankets have become highly collectible, with major examples fetching up to half a million dollars. Here are some reasons why. Buying authentic Navajo blankets is worth the money.

Authentic Navajo blankets display a high level of artistic complexity. Whether made of bold stripes or intricate geometric patterns, Navajo blankets are a study of balance, composition, and contrast. Unlike modern textiles, Navajo blankets are hand-woven using simple tools and are not woven by machine. The Navajo weavers must have high levels of artistic ability and multidimensional thinking to create authentic Navajo blankets.

Navajo blankets used natural-colored wool before 1800. Until the 1870s, only limited amounts of dyeing were done. Navajos used herbs and roots, as well as minerals from their soil. This limited dyeing method resulted in dark, rich colors, similar to that of the Hopi. The US Army resisted this practice, however, allowing weaving to continue with factory-made yarns.

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