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Where to Find High-Quality Vintage Navajo Blankets and Rugs

When searching for a high-quality vintage Navajo rug or blanket, it’s important to look for authenticity. This article provides some tips for finding the right piece, from determining its authenticity to displaying it in a beautiful room. We’ll also discuss the different styles of rugs and blankets available, as well as their price. Here are some of the best places to find high-quality vintage Navajo textiles and rugs.


Before purchasing a Navajo blanket or rug, it is important to know about its authenticity. The Navajo people didn’t use blankets as clothing, but they used them as status symbols. Today, the Chief blankets are among the most popular Navajo wovens. Some major collectibles can cost up to half a million dollars. To determine the authenticity of your purchase, follow these guidelines.

First, know that authentic rugs and blankets are woven by hand. They are still handmade using traditional upright looms and are made of 100 percent wool. The wool is often Navajo-Churro. While handweaving contemporary Navajo rugs is not an easy process, it does take months. The tighter the weave, the more expensive the piece. Beware of fakes.


There are several distinctive style characteristics that can make identifying vintage Navajo blankets and woven rugs much easier. The patterns are generally handed down from one generation to the next and are often traced back to specific geographical locations. Nancy J. Blomberg’s book on Navajo textiles provides more information. Similarly, Lois Essary Jacka’s book Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Indian Art and Its Evolution offers an interesting look at the development of the Navajo culture. Other authors, including Wolfgang Haberland, have written about the aesthetics and ethics of the Native American arts.

Historically, Navajo blankets served several functions in the life of Navajo tribe members. They were used as bed covers, cloaks, and even as a door for the traditional hogan, a semi-permanent cabin. Although the Navajo people did not have chiefs, they were rich enough to afford a blanket made of this material.

Display Options

Various display options are available for vintage Navajo blankets and carpets. The age, weave, and condition of a blanket or rug should be considered. These are some tips for displaying your vintage Navajo blanket or rug. Choosing the best display option will help you maximize the appeal of your Navajo blanket or rug. In addition to using different display methods, rugs and blankets should be placed on the floor in an appropriate manner.

A Navajo rug or blanket is an excellent choice for displaying a collection of tribal-inspired textiles. Some of these items are handmade by Navajo women and are considered heirlooms in some families. Despite the price, the woven art of Navajo women remains in high demand and continues to appreciate in auctions. Gail Getzwiller, the owner of the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, has shared her collection of Navajo rugs with collectors all over the world.


Vintage Navajo blankets and rugs can be expensive, but their beauty and design make them worthwhile. These handmade textiles were created during the tribe’s internment in eastern New Mexico. Their colorful designs feature bordered patterns and rich red colors, which are extremely hard to find in the 19th century. The design of the blankets was influenced by the patterns seen in exotic Oriental rugs, and Native Americans may have seen photographs of these rugs during their travels.

Authentic antique Navajo blankets and rugs are usually the most valuable. This type of Native American art was produced with vegetable dyes, which were pre-dated synthetic dyes. These rugs were made with natural wool and organic dyes and represented the community’s spirituality and community. They were also woven intricately and were created by the Navajo people, who had no access to synthetic fibers until the early 18th century.

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