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Where to Find Great Rugs by Tribal Designers

Tribal rugs can look fantastic in any room, from a modern city home to a traditional, country-style residence. Tribal rugs are handmade and are typically a combination of different ethnic tribes. There are many different types of tribal rugs available, including Gendje, Daghestan, and Shirvan designs. Here’s where to find great rugs made by tribal designers.

Handmade tribal rugs

Whether you love geometric patterns, or just want your home to feel rustic, hand-crafted tribal rugs are a great choice for your home. These rugs are often found in mountain homes, or you can get a custom-made tribal rug to suit your home’s design and taste. Listed below are some of the most popular tribal rugs available today. Read on to discover more about this unique type of rug.

Gender rugs

Gender rugs are traditional and distinctive. They feature bold colors and primary patterns. They usually feature a deep blue or brown ground with multi-colored “flowers” or “snowflakes”. The colors used in Gendje rugs are not dyed, but rather are a mixture of many natural shades. This type of tribal rug has been dated to around 1880. It can be as elegant and well-made as Caucasian rugs.

Daghestan rugs

The unique design of a Daghestan rug is very attractive and charming. The exact placement of important motifs makes the Daghestan rug look incredibly appealing. The carpet’s soft, varying colors make it an excellent addition to a room. The Daghestan region is a former Soviet republic in Central Asia. The area was occupied by the Russian Empire during the Soviet era.

Shirvan rugs

In a traditional Shirvan rug, there are multiple design motifs on the surface. Most of these rugs are small, measuring only five feet by seven feet, and contain geometric motifs and repeated floral patterns. These rugs have an overall color scheme of blues, reds, and golden yellows. They are woven with a Turkish knot and are available in a variety of colors. Depending on the weaver’s preference, these rugs can be patterned with floral, geometric, or symbol-filled designs.

Tufenkian tribal rugs

The art of weaving a beautiful Tufenkian tribal rug is centuries old. The weaving process began with adults being paid a living wage to make these rugs. Today, they are part of an ancient family tradition where each generation passes the art down. Today, you can find these beautiful rugs in a variety of sizes. They are perfect for any room in your home. And if you’re looking for something unique, you can find a unique piece by contacting the artisans in the Tufenkian region.

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