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Where to Find Cowhide NPCs in World of Warcraft

If you’re looking for a way to make money in the Online Single Player game, you should know where to look for cowhides. These items are commonly found in Falador, the town south of Falador. The area is known for its cows, so it’s a good place to look if you’re a lower-level player. It’s also home to a few tanners and cows, so it’s not as hard to find them there.


One way to obtain Cowhide is to farm for cowhide. This can be done at Falador Farm or Hosidius Town. Cows and their offspring are common and low-level monsters that can be bought for a few gold coins. In addition to cowhides, cows can also be used to fly fish and sell them for a profit. While this method is not recommended for high-level players, it is effective for lower-level characters.

Besides selling the cowhide itself, players can also tan the hides to sell for a profit. The tannery in Al Kharid can be found near the bank in Lumbridge. The tannery can be found near the bank, making it easily accessible to players. The tannery can tan leather from five cowhides. It costs 472 coins to make 5 hides, so it is a worthwhile investment.


There are various ways to make money in the OSR. For example, tanneries can be found in the Crafting Guild on the upper levels. They are also located in the western Varrock bank to the west of the Apothecary. You can also find these banners in the game’s open world. Each hide costs three coins. In addition, each hide takes about 45 seconds to process. In order to make enough money, you must have at least six hundred coins in your inventory.

There are two methods for tanning. You can choose soft leather and hard leather. Soft leather is slightly cheaper than hard leather and will cost you 50 coins. You can also purchase tanned cowhide at a bank near Al Kharid. After you purchase cowhides, you can also visit tanneries to sell them for more coins. These tanneries are found throughout the game world and are accessible by using the Bank of Al Kharid.

Law runes

The majority of players will not want to purchase law runes from the Cowhide NPC. This is because the runes will cost them very little money and are often not the most popular option. However, if you want to buy law runes for sale, this is an excellent way to do so. The cowhides NPC can be found after you have completed the Rogue Trader miniquest and are able to provide you with several of these items.

You can also craft law runes for yourself, provided you have level 54 Runecrafting. These runes can be obtained by using the Law altar on Entrana or the Abyss. The crafting materials for this item are a normal log, one super energy potion, and one essence. You can also sell them on the Cowhide NPC to make money.

Prince Ali Rescue

If you’re looking for a quick way to make a little extra cash, you can help out the Lumbridge community by selling cowhides for Prince Ali Rescue. Cows are the main source of leather, so you’ll need cash to buy a pair of shoes, string, and needle. You can also get some extra cowhides by killing cows in the Lumby area, tanning them, and then selling them in the alkaloid.

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