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Where to Find Authentic Navajo Rugs

If you are looking to buy a Navajo rug for your home, you’re probably wondering where to get a genuine one. First of all, Navajo rugs are made by a Native American tribe who migrated to the Southwest from Canada in the 15th century. Authentic rugs are woven from hand-spun wool and have a side selvage cord, as well as a single scene in the middle.

Authentic Navajo rugs are woven with the firm intention of deceiving the buyer

An authentic Navajo rug is a unique and recognizable piece of Native American art. The designs are geometric and often associated with the Southwest. Originally, people who bought Navajo rugs had no idea who the weaver was, only the tribe. Today, individual Navajo weavers are revered as artists. Their work is displayed in art galleries and important museums.

They are woven from hand-spun and hand-dyed wool

Navajo rugs are incredibly durable. They are woven from hand-spun and hand-dyed wool. Wool is processed in Navajo schools and is then hand-dyed and woven into rugs. The Navajo women who weave the rugs learn the steps to prepare the wool for weaving, which makes the rugs smooth and durable.

They have a side selvage cord

The side selvage cord of an Authentic Navajo Rug is visible and will be readily apparent in any photo. These cords are woven from a ply of wool with a small amount of mohair for luster. The sides of the rug are connected to the loom by three tightly-spun cords, while the ends are secured with two dark brown cords.

They feature a single scene

The most popular styles of Authentic Navajo Rugs are the ones that feature a single scene. These are known as pictorial rugs, and they have been created by Navajo weavers since the 19th century. The earliest pictorial designs were often composed of geometric patterns or feathers. By the second half of the twentieth century, artists began to fill the entire rug with a single scene. These include tree of life rugs, which feature a cornstalk emerging from a Navajo wedding basket. Birds perched on its leaves are included. This design celebrates the world around us and reminds us to live in harmony with nature.

They are priced by the weaver

Many Authentic Navajo Rugs are still priced by the weaver, which is a good thing. It allows a consumer to see how much the weaver paid for his work, and gives the customer a better sense of the relationship between the artist and his community. As more people migrate to the cities, there are more authentic Navajo rug retailers. These sellers are often resold by retail stores.

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