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Where to Donate Furniture in Palm Beach County

Donating your furniture is an easy way to give to charity, but where to find places to donate? There are several places in Palm Beach County, FL, where you can drop off furniture, including Joshua Thrift Store, Faith Farm, LoadUp, and 9Pickup. We’ve compiled some tips for you. Check them out! And if you can’t find a good place to donate, consider these tips:

Joshua Thrift Store

If you are looking for a good place to donate furniture in Palm Beach County, then consider donating to Joshua Thrift Store. They are open from Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays. The Thrift Stores accept a wide range of gently used household items and furniture. They can accommodate all sizes of items and are open to donations of furniture, appliances, kitchen items, and kid’s items. Joshua Thrift Stores are also known for their Purple Heart Thrift Store, which raises money for the homeless and veteran communities in Florida and Boca Raton.

Faith Farm

If you have used furniture that no longer fits in your home, you can donate it to Faith Farm, a Christian-based donation pick-up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Faith Farm is a non-profit organization that houses a residential drug and alcohol recovery program. The organization accepts a variety of items, including used furniture, electronics, sporting goods, and automobiles. It also offers free delivery of purchases.


There are many organizations in Palm Beach County that take donations. Most of them offer convenient drop-off locations and will even pick up items for free. Listed below are 5 organizations that will pick up your furniture and other donations for tax-deductible purposes. To learn more about these organizations, check out their websites and get started today! You can donate furniture, appliances, and other household items at LoadUp.


If you’re wondering where to donate furniture in Palm Beach County, then you’ve come to the right place. 9Pickup provides free pick-ups for furniture, clothes, and other items. You can select your zip code to find a list of local nonprofit organizations that accept donations of various types. If you haven’t donated in a while, you can even schedule pickups online.

American Cancer Society

If you have furniture you no longer need, but would like to donate to a good cause, you may want to consider giving to the American Cancer Society. This not-for-profit organization is located in Boca Raton, FL, and accepts donations from the public. Volunteering at the organization can be a rewarding way to contribute to a worthwhile cause. If you are unable to drop off your donations yourself, you can call them to arrange a pickup. During business hours, you can expect to speak with a friendly representative who will be able to assist you.

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