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Where to Buy Rustic Furniture Near Me

Rustic furniture is increasingly popular in American households. It has an element of simplicity and practicality that more modern furniture lacks. This is due to the meticulous attention to detail that is shown in Amish-crafted pieces, which are versatile enough for any environment. Here are a few places to find rustic furniture near you:

Woodland Creek Furniture

If you are looking for quality, rustic furniture that is made in the U.S., you should consider Woodland Creek Furniture. The company started handcrafting furniture in 1999 and has become one of the most popular stores selling rustic furniture in the Midwest. Their motto is “We make rustic furniture for people who love the outdoors.”

The company started with a single rustic table on a highway. The company grew and opened a retail store and workshop. Today, the company has grown from two people to more than 60 full-time and part-time employees. In 2018, the company shipped over 25,000 pieces of furniture nationwide, including custom rustic furniture. If you are looking to save money, check out Woodland Creek Furniture’s Black Friday coupons!

Bassett Furniture

Whether you’re looking for a new dining table or a stylish new headboard, you’re sure to find it at Bassett Furniture. With a variety of different sizes and bases, this brand offers a wide variety of dining chairs, headboards, and more. And because they specialize in customizable furniture, you can choose from a number of different styles, colors, and materials. And with free shipping and pickup options available, you can have your new piece of furniture in as little as four to six weeks!

For a unique look, consider Bassett Furniture’s Custom Made Maple Farmhouse Table in a reclaimed wood finish. This table is perfect for family dinners or candlelight gatherings. A classic wooden clock, like the McDaniel Clock, adds to the aged appeal of any room, and the pine finish makes it easy to read. A vintage-style wall mirror will create the illusion of a larger room, and the wood grain will be highlighted.

Original Log Furniture Store

If you’re looking for rustic decor in North America, then you’ve come to the right place. Log Furniture Store provides the most authentic cabin furniture, including furniture made from hand-peeled cedar logs. The store carries items made by small, family-owned businesses, and its online store offers an extensive selection of rustic decor items. You’ll also find fine furnishings and antiques at this Minnesota-based company.

Their authentic log furnishings include bedroom storage, fireplaces, mirrors, coffee tables, hutches, rockers, and much more. All of their furniture is built using high-quality materials and a dedication to detail. Each piece is constructed with a combination of mortise-and-tenon assembly and hand-weaving to give it a distinctly rustic look. It’s also known for offering furniture made with sustainable, locally sourced wood.

Kathy Kuo Home

If you are looking for rustic furniture with a sophisticated touch, you’ve come to the right place. Rustic chic furniture is a combination of farmhouse comfort and enchanting luxury. Rustic chic furniture emphasizes texture, finish, and graceful lines, and is inspired by the European countryside. Rustic chic furniture will fit in beautifully in any home, from a modern loft to a cozy farmhouse. Here are three ways to incorporate rustic chic furniture into your home:

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