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Where to Buy Navajo Rugs

There are many places to buy Navajo rugs, but how do you know where to look? This article will give you some insight into the weaving process and where to find authentic rugs. If you’re looking for a traditional, stylized eagle Navajo rug, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve included tips on finding a Navajo rug auction, and have a link for you to find a good deal.

Navajo rugs

The finest Navajo rugs are created in the heart of the NAVAJO nation. These fine hand-loomed weavings are the epitome of authenticity. To purchase one, check out the auctions held by the Crownpoint Rug Weavers Association in the dusty village of Crownpoint, New Mexico. These auctions offer an opportunity for Native American art collectors to purchase a Navajo rug directly from its maker.

Navajo rug weaving

When you are looking to purchase a Navajo rug, you may be wondering where to find it. While dealing directly with the weaver is more convenient, it is also difficult. For starters, most reservation homes do not have telephones, so it is impossible to contact the weavers directly. Often, they do not speak English well or have ready-made stocks of rugs. So, you may have to go through a middleman or try to contact a museum or dealer.

Navajo rug auctions

Visiting Navajo rug auctions is a good opportunity to purchase a rare piece of Native American art. Specialists will help you identify quality pieces, vintage pieces, and acrylic yarns. You can also ask them questions about the rugs. A Navajo rug auction gives you the chance to purchase a piece from a renowned weaver while simultaneously helping the weavers earn an immediate return.

Navajo rug with a stylized eagle

The eagle motif appears on many Navajo rugs. This rug was handwoven using natural colors such as red, brown, and grey. The eagles were often adorned with bows and arrows. This Navajo rug was woven by the famous weaver Atsuma Blackhorse, who died in 1994. It was one of the most popular rugs in the Navajo community.

Navajo rug with geometric design

The Storm pattern on a Navajo rug is one of the most common patterns. Although the origin of the design is unclear, the story goes that traders from the western side of the reservation developed this concept. Weavers at Crystal later adapted this concept, making it one of the most common Navajo rug designs. Two Grey Hills weavers were known for their weavings without dyes and used complex geometric designs, often based on a large hooked center diamond and multiple geometric borders.

Navajo rug with camel-tone field

The Navajo people make a range of rugs. Some have colorful designs, while others have subtler hues. A pictorial Navajo rug is one of the most popular styles. The tree and cornstalk motif, often with dark borders, is considered the most common Navajo rug. Sandpainting rugs, which are square in shape, depict common elements and supernatural figures. The rugs are sacred, so the weavers are protected by special ceremonies and signs.

native american hall rugs

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