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Where to Buy Logs For Rustic Furniture

If you’re planning on building a rustic cabin or building a log home, the first step is determining what species of logs you want. The most common choices are Northern White Pine, Red Cedar, Aspen, and Hickory. To help you decide what type of wood to use for your project, here are some tips and resources for finding logs. Also, make sure to check the local zoning laws before purchasing your logs.

Northern White Pine

When considering how to make rustic furniture with logs, look for the variety known as Western White Pine. This hardwood has an even grain and medium to coarse texture. It was once highly valued for millwork, furniture, and light construction. Western White Pine used to be known as the “King Pine” because of its high-quality wood and high workability. Its popularity has decreased due to blister rust, but new disease-resistant strains are on the way. The Eastern White Pine, on the other hand, grows in the Lake States and northern Georgia.

Eastern White Pine is the lightest of the two varieties and is renowned for its stability. It grows 200 feet tall in the New World and is the most common type of log used for construction lumber. Because it’s rot-resistant and easy to work, it was used for home building, furniture, and boat building. The king of England even marked the best trees to use for his fleet. The Pine Tree Riot was responsible for contributing to the American Revolution.


If you’re looking for authentic log furnishings, look no further than the Old Hickory Company. Made of real Hickory saplings, these pieces are durable, comfortable, and unique. They are made with careful attention to detail, including meticulous matching of parts and the use of mortise and tenon joints. The intricate hand-weaving process makes them especially beautiful and sturdy. They also make great gifts for your loved ones.

The Amish handcraftsman uses hickory logs to make their upholstered bench seats, tables, and beds. Their rustic Amish hickory log accents create a truly unique look for any home. Their furniture can be used for many different purposes, including adorning kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Hickory log accents are also used on hutches and benches, and Amish kitchens feature rustic hickory-log buffets and cabinetry.

Red Cedar

Using Red Cedar logs as your building material for your rustic furniture is the perfect way to make your home feel like a mountain lodge. The unique smell and color of Red Cedar will make your home stand out from the rest. Its distinctive knotting and checking add character to your log furniture. And because logs have natural knots, you’ll love the smell, too! If you’re looking for a beautiful rustic table, you can find one that is made from whole logs.

Among the many benefits of using this wood for rustic furniture, one of the most popular features is its rich red color. It is naturally repellent from bugs and rot, making it popular for making chests and closets. It is also economical and has a rustic look. Craftsmen use this wood for log beds, benches, and chests because of its tight knots and unique look. And it is durable, too – Red Cedar stands up well to changes in temperature and moisture.


Aspen trees grow high in the mountains, where they mingle with elk and twist with the forces of nature. The twisted wood of an Aspen log lends rustic furniture a unique character. In addition to the softwood, Aspen furniture features beautiful burls and natural gnarls. The warmth and durability of aspen make it an ideal material for rustic log furniture. Here are some maintenance tips for aspen furniture:

When selecting Aspen logs, check the size and type of the piece. If the item is large, you may want to choose an oversized nail so it doesn’t split. If it’s small, you can ship smaller pieces via UPS or FedEx. Rustic furniture ships within a week of purchase. Furniture orders may not be available in stock when you order them, but a customer can inquire about expedited shipping if necessary.

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