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Where to Buy Area Rugs in Myrtle Beach

When you decide to add new rugs to your home, you may wonder where to find them in Myrtle Beach. You may want to consider City of Rugs, Albert Borokhim, World Market, or RugSmart. These shops sell a wide selection of area rugs, but you may need a little guidance in deciding which one to choose. Listed below are some recommendations.

City of Rugs

If you’re looking to add new rugs to your home, consider the many options available at City of Rugs in Myrtle. This company specializes in fine handmade oriental rugs. With a new showroom in town, you can get the rugs you’ve been dreaming about. The prices here are great, and the customer service is excellent. The showroom has everything you need to complete any room, from contemporary to cottage chic.

Albert Borokhim

If you are looking for a beautiful, heirloom-quality rug, look no further than Albert Borokhim area rugs in Myrtle Beach. Known for its outstanding selection, Albert Borokhim offers a personalized experience that is sure to please. His rugs are crafted from high-quality materials and are designed to last for generations. If you are planning to decorate your home with a new oriental rug, look no further than Albert Borokhim.

In addition to a Myrtle Beach location, Albert Borokhim has an online shop that ships all over the country. Visiting the shop isn’t necessary, as he will be more than happy to ship a dozen rugs to a prospective customer without a down payment or security deposit. In fact, the shop pays for shipping both ways, so you can see your new rug in its final location before you make your purchase.

World Market

You can shop for World Market area rugs in Myrtles Beach if you are looking for a unique design. This retail chain offers an eclectic collection of housewares, furniture, decor, and specialty foods. The prices are reasonable, and you can purchase a unique rug to complete your home. Here’s some information about this brand:

Whether you’re shopping for a new rug for a living room or a bedroom, you can’t go wrong with World Market. Their vast selection of area rugs fits any style and theme. You can find one that perfectly complements the colors of your walls and flooring. And World Market offers affordable area rugs in Myrtle Beach for any room in the house. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary rug to add warmth to your home, they have what you need.


RugSmart is a leader in the area rug industry since 1993, and their online marketplace provides a wealth of options, including synthetic and natural fibers in a variety of constructions. This company has always been attentive to customers’ needs and has branched out into several niche segments for the online area rug shopper from Myrtle Beach. Among those niches are Outdoor Indoor, which has a heavy focus on outdoor rugs, and there are 49 suppliers to choose from.

Area rugs have numerous advantages. They can serve as runners or protective features for hard surfaces, reducing scratches and wear and tear. Area rugs are highly versatile and can be moved to change the mood of a room. They can even be used as a decorative accent to cover minor imperfections, making them the perfect accessory to add to any room. A great area rug can transform a dull room into an elegant space.

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