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Where Rubies Are Most Seen on Beach Decor

Red rubies are more commonly known by the term pigeon’s blood, though other gemstones also have a pinkish hue. Rubies are often described in this manner among gemologists, but the traditional descriptions evoke images of a stone’s color, which is often misinterpreted. Using trade terms, however, conjures up specific images of the stone’s source. Here are some other gemstones found on beach decor.

Red spinel

If you want to purchase a large, beautiful piece of ruby jewelry, you will need to know the various cut styles that are available. Most rubies are cut in a cushion or oval shapes, but you can also find them in marquise and emerald shapes. While cushion shapes are more common for smaller rubies, they are not available in larger carat weights. However, if you want the finest quality rubies, you may want to opt for cushion cuts.

Mogok rubies

The most famous Mogok gems are the Mogok rubies. The rubies are prized for their high quality and rarity. Despite their high demand, they are hard to come by. Serious collectors head to auctions to purchase these stones. If you’re interested in purchasing a ruby, consider buying one from a local gem seller. These gems are typically very expensive, but they can be bought for a cheap price if you look hard enough.

Mogok sapphires

If you’re looking for a gorgeous gemstone to add to your beach decor, look no further than Mogok. These sapphires were once mined in the Mogok Stone Tract, just north of Kin and Kabaing. While rubies and spinel are formed directly in the marble, sapphires are not directly related to the formation of marble. Nonetheless, sapphires are frequently found in beach decor.

Pyrope garnet

Garnets are simple gemstones with a range of colors. The most common form is red, but garnets are also found in blue, purple, and black. The color of a pure garnet is red, but light reflecting off the stone can give it an orange or red hue. Garnets are members of the nesosilicate group, which make up approximately 30% of the earth’s minerals.

Rhodolite Garnet

If you’re considering using gemstones in your beach decor, you may want to look into the rhodolite garnet. This rich, vibrant stone promises to be a show-stopping statement piece. In fact, many of the gems used in beach decor are made of rhodolite. This garnet is not only durable but also offers unparalleled color saturation.

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