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Where is Furniture Vendor in Western Elsweyr?

A bookshelf is a great way to store all of your books, and the bookshelf found in Western Elsweyr is a perfect place to buy one! These are the best bookshelves you can find anywhere in the game, so get them and start browsing for more! You can also find other furniture items in the Western Elsweyr area, such as Stormfist Shoulder Style Pages.

Bookshelf 5

A new bookshelf is available in the game’s Elsweyr update. You can now buy different books for the same location in two campaigns, one in the Imperial City and the other in the Nobles District. In addition, the new update adds a new boss monster patrolling the area under the bookshelf. In addition, the Nobles District also has a boss monster that can be taken out.

Bookshelf 4

There are two furniture vendors in the game. One is in Rimmen and the other is located in the Nobles District. They sell a variety of different furnishing items that are unlocked when you complete certain achievements. Books are one of the two types of furnishing items. The latter is more desirable and is required to create a complete set of furnishings. Both vendors sell furniture and can be found in both campaigns.

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