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Where Do You Tan Cowhides?

If you want to get a nice, golden brown hide for your cows, you’ll have to know how to tan cowhide. There are a few steps involved. First, flesh them out. Next, neutralize, oil, and break them up. You’ll also need the right chemicals and a large tumbler to complete the job. Finally, make sure you don’t expose them to direct sunlight.

Using salt

Traditionally, salt has been used in the tanning process. Cowhide is a product of the hide of a cow. Its natural coloring is yellow to orange. The tan can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the cowhide. The tan process is an effective way to add rich color to cowhide. The salt used in tanning can add up to $2 to the price of a hide.

Using a fleshing beam

Before using a fleshing beam, it is necessary to thoroughly flesh the hide. This means removing all the superfluous meat. After the skin is completely fleshed, it is time to neutralize and oil it. Make sure you use the correct chemicals and use a large tumbler to soak the hide overnight. If you plan to use a fleshing beam, make sure that it is positioned over the hide’s entire surface.

Using alum

There are two methods for alum tanning: the paste method and the solution method. Using the paste method is better for animals with thin skin, while the solution method works better on larger animals. A foot-square hide is usually enough for a small animal, such as a deer, while the hide of a large animal should be cut into two equal pieces. You can also use a solution to tan several hides at a time.

Avoiding direct sunlight

The first step is to prepare the cowhide by scraping the flesh off of it. This step should be done immediately since letting it sit in the flesh for hours may cause the tanning process to be more difficult. After scraping the flesh off, make sure to follow the tanning solution directions carefully. Next, add 15 lbs of salt to the hide, and then nail it to a wood block or other surface.

Using brain paste

If you want to create a tanned hide, using brain paste is the way to go. Brains are easily available at any farm and can be mixed with animal grease or water to create a paste. The brains are applied to both sides of the hide, and the hide is then allowed to dry overnight for 24 hours. A frame is also necessary to ensure an even application. The smoked Moose hide measures approximately 25 sq. ft.

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