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Where Do I Tan Cowhides in RuneScape?

If you have been wondering where I can cowhide in RuneScape, you’ve come to the right place. The tannery at GE is a great place to start. There are also a couple of other places you can get hides tanned, such as Dommik’s Crafting Store. However, before we move on to those places, we need to explain how cowhides get tanned in RuneScape.

GE tannery

Tanning cowhides is a simple task, but the best place to start is at the tannery in Al Kharid, a Northwestern region of the game. You can easily get cowhide there, which costs a coin each. You can tan hard or soft leather. Once tanned, cowhide will sell for 25 to 30 coins. This method will give you 35k and more per hour of work.

Dominik’s Crafting Store

To make leather goods, you can use tanned cowhides. To do this, go to Dommik’s Crafting Store in Al Kharid. He’s located near a cow field. When you buy cowhide from him, you can craft many different items. He also gives you a free needle and thread if you do one of the Lumbridge/Draynor Area Tasks.

Yew logs

You’ve probably wondered where to tan cowhides in your Runescape character, but you don’t want to spend all that time scavenging around for them! That’s where Yew logs come in. Yew logs are dropped by every monster and boss in the game, although Jagex is working on removing resource drops from monsters. Yew logs can be made into cowhide leather by crafting a yew longbow. It takes an hour, and you’ll be rewarded with 75,000 to 150k GP!

Cooked or raw herring

Cooked or raw herring is an inexpensive way to tan cowhides in Runescape. You need at least five cows and enough herring to tan three cowhides. Sardines can be bought for fourteen coins raw, and five coins cooked. To fish for them, head to Draynor Village south of Al-Kharid’s bank. Make sure your homeport is usable. You can also tan cowhide by fishing for sardines, which sell for ten coins raw and 30 coins cooked. If you wish to cook more food, you can try anchovies and sell them at the Grand Exchange.

Using an air mind spike

In Runescape, a portable crafter can tan cowhides for a profit. The cowhide’s buy limit is ten thousand per four-hour period, but you can work around this restriction by using alternate accounts and trading. It takes about 10 minutes to tan one thousand cowhides. Using an air mind spike to tan cowhides will net you 1,197,358. Having a minimum of 2,896,321 coins is the ideal starting point for this method.

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