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Where Do I Sell Cowhides in Runescape?

If you’re wondering where to sell your cowhides in Runescape, you’ve come to the right place! There are several methods to sell them, including the Grand Exchange. Below, we’ll go over Farming, Gathering, Tanning, and Grand Exchange. Once you have them, you can sell them to any shop in Runescape. You can also sell them on the Grand Exchange for more money!

Grand Exchange

Cowhides can be sold for a decent profit, but there are some caveats to consider before selling them on the Grand Exchange. First, cowhides can only be sold when you have enough quest points, a total level of 100, and about 20 hours of playtime. You can, however, sell them immediately after tanning them. Here are a few ways to make the most money from cowhides in Runescape.

Farming cowhides

Cowhides are a popular form of currency in Runescape and can be found in a number of locations around the game, including the Falador area and Hosidius Town. In addition to being an excellent source of currency, cowhides can be used for crafting items and are a useful way to get experience in Crafting. To gather cowhides, players can head to the Falador area and look for nearby pastures. This area also has some cows, and is a good place to start, especially for those with lower levels.

Gathering cowhides

The best place to find cowhides is in the Falador area. South of Falador, north of Yanille, and west of Falador are some of the best places to gather cowhides. The best place to collect cowhides is in the Falador Crafting Guild, where you can gain access to a bank chest by wearing a brown apron. Alternatively, you can go to Lumbridge and collect cowhides from there.

Tanning cowhides

Tanning cowhides are a good way to make some money in Runescape. It is also useful for crafting unicows, which you can sell in the Tower of Life. Gathering cowhides can be done in several places around the game, including Lumbridge’s pastures and the areas north and south of Ardougne’s market. In Falador, you can gather cowhides at a much closer distance from the bank. Once gathered, you can sell the leather on the Grand Exchange or through a player on the forums.

Selling cowhides

If you’ve been wanting to make money in Runescape, selling cowhides may be an excellent way to get started. Cowhide smelting is an excellent way to make money in Runescape, but you should be careful to make sure you don’t overdo it. Selling cowhides in Runescape requires a high level of farming, so you may want to limit this activity to your most experienced players.

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