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Where Do I Sell Cowhides As An Ironman?

As an Ironman player, you might be wondering where you can sell your cowhides. There are several places you can sell cowhide, such as Lumbridge, but you need to know the locations of these places first. This article will explain where to sell cowhide, as well as how to purchase other items, like arrow shafts and oak logs. It will also explain where to buy other resources for the game, such as arrows and tanneries.


Where sell cowhides as an Ironman are the best way to earn money in World of Warcraft. This item can be obtained from cows and other animals. Cowhide is made from the natural, unbleached skin and hair of cows. It preserves the natural coloring of the animal and is often processed into leather. When you tan a cow’s hide, you must have at least 27 cowhides and 81 coins. You can obtain this item by walking for 45 seconds or running for 25 seconds.

Purchasing arrow shafts

Purchasing arrow shafts for the quest is one of the most difficult parts of the Ironman mode. While the quest will grant you some rune arrows, the majority of the time, you will need to purchase a bunch from a local blacksmith. Fortunately, there are a few places where you can purchase arrow shafts. You can also sell rune arrows for gold, which is a great way to boost your Attack stat.

Purchasing arrow shafts as an ironman can be quite challenging – you have to use them to build arrows. In addition to this, you can only buy these if you have Fletching experience. The first step to crafting an arrow is to find an arrowhead. A good tip is to use one of the wide arrowhead packs that are sold by the Slayer Master. Using these packs can help you level up faster. You can also buy bowstrings from the Temple Trekking minigame.

Farming Herblore

The best way to earn tons of herbs in Ironman mode is to farm. You can start by cleaning herbs at lower levels by left-clicking them. You can even AFK while cleaning. Total is the best herb to farm, but you must have at least 75 Herblore to reap its benefits. Harralanders and Ranarr weeds also offer a decent profit per herb, but you should focus on cleaning those first.

Herbs and secondary ingredients are necessary for creating potions. However, there are ways to get the materials faster without killing giant moles. The easiest way to get these materials is by farming herbs at the Ironman shop west of the Edgeville bank. In order to open this shop, talk to Paul and ask him to give you a Vial of Water. It’s important to gather herbs regularly. You can even use ultracompact to reduce the risk of disease on your herbs.

Purchasing Oak logs

Purchasing oak logs for cowhides is a worthwhile activity for any hardcore ironman. You can get them from the Grand Exchange. You can find a buyer in your area by using your zip code. During your quest, you can sell your logs to the general store to make cash. The only exception to this rule is the willow tree, which is the lowest-tier tree and is rarely worth cutting for cash.

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