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Where Do I Get A Cowhide Rug?

Many of us dream of owning a cowhide rug, but where do we get one? In this article, we’ll share where to find a black cowhide rug at Pottery Barn, Ree, or other popular stores. If you want something more unique, you can also look for an expert craftsperson to create a cowhide furniture item for you. Whether you want to use the hide for a cowhide rug or as an art piece, it’s a unique option to have in your home.


You can purchase cowhide in several locations. If you have a homestead in the Driftshade Refuge, you can find a dead cow on a shelf just inside the door. If you want to turn the hide into three pieces of leather, you can purchase the hide at the tanning rack. You can also buy cowhide in any General Store, on the counter to the right of the merchant.

Pottery Barn

If you’re interested in a rustic cowhide rug, consider purchasing one from Pottery Barn. This cowhide is both soft and durable. This unique material can be used for a variety of purposes, from accent rugs to whole-room rugs. Pottery Barn’s Turner Roll Arm Leather Sofa comes in four different sizes. You can even customize the look of your sofa by selecting two or three seat cushions. Choose from more than 30 different color choices, including the traditional brown and white hide.

Pottery Barn black cowhide rug

The look and feel of a cowhide rug are simply irresistible. Handmade, each rug features beautiful color and detail. Featuring premium hair-on hides, cowhide is a durable, classic choice for your floor. It lends your room a country, vintage feel. Plus, cowhide rugs are made in South America. So, you can rest easy knowing your new rug will stand the test of time.

Ree specializes in cowhide rugs

A cowhide rug is a unique way to personalize your home with a unique style. Made of a cow’s hide, these rugs are great for bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, and other rooms. Because cowhide is made from the by-products of nature, some blemishes may be present. These blemishes are not considered defects but are simply the natural characteristics of the animal.

Getting a cowhide tanned

If you’ve been looking for exotic leather to add to your home, you’ve probably wondered how to get a cowhide tanned. There are a few steps you should follow to ensure the best results. The first step is to soak the hide for at least two weeks. The longer you leave it, the better, but make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and heat. After the leather has been soaked, you can refresh it with saddle soap and mink oil. Once the leather has become soft and flexible, it’s time to get it tanned.

Keeping a cowhide rug clean

Keeping a cowhide rug is a breeze once you know how to take care of it. While cowhides are naturally stain-resistant, regular cleaning will ensure their long-lasting quality. If you have a hard-bristled vacuum cleaner, use it to remove surface particles. You can also brush the rug with hard bristles in the same direction as the hair to remove pileups and remove loose dirt. A vacuum is the best cleaning tool for daily use.

using cowhide rugs in decor

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